Monday, March 23, 2009

Purpose of today

Quote of the day:
Think and speak the beautiful only -Christian Larson

Purpose of life.Purpose of death
Purpose of being wretched. Purpose of being rich

Purpose of Joy. Purpose of pain
Purpose of snow. Purpose of rain

Purpose of unity. Purpose of division
Purpose of masters. Purpose of slaves

Purpose of war. Purpose of peace
Purpose of love. Purpose of hate

Purpose of lies. Purpose of truth
Purpose of yesterday. Purpose of today


  1. i like the quote "Think and speak the beautiful only". i ll try to do that. nice poem

  2. Hey you,i like that quote too!! Thank you,so you think my poem is nice,*wink wink*..

  3. Cant seem to decipher the purpose of this post,lol...

  4. have you noticed how hard it is to figure out your purpose on earth?

    A purpose driven life is always a good one. It gives you reason to live and drives you to success and great achievements

  5. @Aphrodite,i'm sure you do,or wasn't it self explanatory enough? Grrrr!!!!!!
    @naijagirl,you said it all-a purpose driven life is all there is to truly succeed.Nice one!

  6. @naijagirl, Purpose driven? What purpose? Does anyone ever know?

  7. comprende *cheesy smile*


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