Saturday, March 07, 2009

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6 Things That I have Come to Learn About Life

Quote of the day>
Love truth, and pardon error -Voltaire

This post was meant for yesterday,but here it is today...

TODAY i am going to blog about nothing. Yes nothing!
And in my quest to write about nothing i am hopeful that something will come out of it all.

So i write nothing for i am-nothing. I write for all those times that i had something on my mind,but when anyone asked me what i was thinking about i said 'nothing'.

I write for all those times that i had something to say,but i didn't because i cared more about what people would say and how i was going to be looked at than what my words would have meant.

I write for all those silent moments that my words could have changed things,changed events-changed destiny even. But rather i kept quiet as i had nothing to say.

I believed in nothing, unless it agreed with my inner self. But nothing compares to everything, as we can't live life in nothingness.

Everything matters as i HAVE come to realize, being nothing does not take you nearer to your goals but rather takes you farther away from it.

I write about nothing as i am nothing!
But remember -Life is everything.


  1. God bless you for this piece

  2. @naijagirl,Amen to that even as he blesses us all. Glad you like it!


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