Friday, March 20, 2009


Quote of the day:
Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all -Dale Carnegie

The week is done with as the weekend beckons with open arms. I embrace it all, i mean i need that rest, i need to revitalize so to speak. Revitalize,hmmmn that sure is one philosophical word. Gone are those days when i would just read any book that i came across, but now my fingers tend to flip through books that inspire as well as teach. Books that motivate -i take a step back and analyze where i want to be,the books are guidelines written mostly by people who have done what i am hoping to accomplish. Their stories bring to the fore the sacrifices i'd have to make, the effort that i'd have to put in and the dissapointments that could take me one step toward my goals, or 20 steps back to where i started from. 

Everybody loves success stories. A success story is always amazing to relate with. Though not everyone can be successful. Some people have been known to triumph where others have failed- or given up. Imagine giving up just when success was at your doorsteps!!

I recall a lecture i once attended,the speaker was a success story in his own little way. Before he started he proceeded to ask everyone just one very simple question. He stated 'what is that one thing that you should never let go of in life,that one thing that you should never lose'

It was a small gathering of about 30 people-give or take, and after he had asked that question the room became even more hushed. 30 different minds trying to figure out the one thing that was too important,too key to lose or let go of..

He saw that we were having problems comprehending the question, so he hinted, 'that one thing that ought to be there everytime you wake up in the morning'?........
It seemed like he had hit the nail on the head as a few faces lit up!! Different words came out of people's mouths including mine -like optimism, happinness, joy,grace, and many more of all those feel good words.

He said we were all correct, but that the actual word he was looking for was HOPE! 'You can lose everything you ever had in this life, you can lose money,friends,family and what have you-but never, don't ever you lose hope', were his words! You wake up in the morning and even with all the troubles that you wake up to, never lose hope! His motivational talk lasted less than an hour, and after he finished he went round and shook hands with every single person in the room while asking for our names....that lecture inspired us all in that room that day,it was a great feeling and i will never forget those words that were said. 

In the words of Norman Vincent Peale- never talk defeat. Instead you use words like hope, belief, faith, victory. 
And Epictetus,the Greek philosopher once said, 'A ship ought not to be held by one anchor, nor life by a single hope'.

So Hope changes everything. Hope changes you, it changes me, it really changes us all. Don't just hope for that 'one thing', instead hope for many things!! So keep the Hope alive today,tomorrow and always! 

Happy Weekend!


  1. There's HOPE - We'd better thank God for that!!
    Nice piece!

  2. yes hope changes everything

  3. @ochuko,yes there is Hope! Good looking out,thanks.
    @BSNC,nice having you around again-you bet it changes all things. We need to be more hopeful,thanks.

  4. nice blog...HOPE is indeed very important
    nd thnx 4 stoppin by!

  5. @Gee,without Hope we have nothing i believe. Great to have you here !

  6. HOPE??? I didnt think of it but thats right,hope is vital to our survival....
    Lovely piece...

  7. @Farida,Hello there...
    Yes hope is a vital tool for survival..we need to wake up to that everyday!! Cheers.

  8. Nice blog.... Thanks for stopping at mine....

  9. @JustDB,hey there,most welcome!

  10. Hmmm, when its all said and done Hope really is all we should never lose. You lose Hope, you stop Living. Nice one!

    ...thanks for stopping by mine :)

  11. me me me....i love me some success you have any success story for me?

  12. @Repressed One,Yes we need hope to keep living,thanks. Nice seeing yo on here too!
    @naijagirl,lol@me me me. Don't we all love success? hehe.

  13. lol... very funny that i read the question, and thought for a second what word i would say if i was in the auditorium, afterwhich my answer was hope, because hope encompasses everything else. interesting to see he thought the same.


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