Thursday, March 19, 2009


Quote of the day:

To withdraw myself from myself has ever been my sole, my entire, my sincere motive in scribbling at all -Lord Byron

I have a confession to make. You see i used to be an addict. Now before you go running away and informing the others,just give me a moment to explain myself here okay? Okay,now that i've gotten your attention i'll explain myself away..

My addcition was that i scribbled a lot. I'm talking about class notes being filled with a lot of writings that had no relation to the subject being taught. In class  for instance, when things got a tad boring-there i was flipping notes to the back pages(it had to be the back as no one was meant to spot those writings), and i'd scribble away lost in thought-a young mind lost in transit in another world. 

I came across some of my old notes recently,and believe me when i say that i found heaps of writings most of which i can't even recall why,and for what reason i wrote them-mostly poetry which i dated with days of the week, others with just the month and year. I mean i was an addict at scribbling,an habit born out of my then depressive moods and at some point writing out my thoughts seemed to be the only way out for me.

I'd share a few of those things i wrote down on paper with you now,most of which haven't been seen by any other person before. 

A snippet from one of my notes goes: 

'It's a long road to the hills
a narrow path to my faith
I found it after losing it
I'm also a long way from home
I rejoice in the glow of the sun
it keeps me warm and alive'.....

That's wasnt't so bad was it? Okay i thought so Here's another note and this one has a title to it and it's just 6 lines: 

A sacred goddess
in a galaxy of love
an artiste's impression
captured in timeless gravity
ageless as the stars
static as the heart 

Pretty good uhn? Wonder what i was thinking,scribbling about romance then, hmnnnm! Anyways, written on the right side of the book are the words 'i tried to sleep,my eyes wouldn't let me', of course i have no idea why i wrote that. lol
On yet another page i wrote:
what hope does life hold
for a man so sad and lonely
that he slips everyday
In between life and death
What hope does life hold
for a sick person
who's been told that 
He may never live right again
what hope does life hold 
for a person in despair
who had been cast away 
from his life and soceity
what hope does life hold
for me,who's just a 
very common mind,
body and soul
with a common dream
a common objective
a common fantasy
and a common reality...

I also recall that i used to write stories, this was like some 7-8yrs years ago, in fact i was already half way through writing my first book-at least i remember getting to the 6th or 7th chapter, as for where the manuscript is today -your guess is as good as mine,my hope is that i stumble upon it soon so that it can be turned into a movie (think 'tropic thunder').

Lastly, i got my title for today's post from this write up from one of my scribbles and its titled 'memoirs of imagination', see parts of it below: 

...he ran. 
The sun glistering as it crept slowly over the yellow brick walls.
...he ran.
Not minding the curious looks from passers-by,oblivious of his wet and clingy shirt that stuck to him like a second skin...
..he ran without looking back. But he knew that they were closing in on him. He knew that it was only a matter of time before....."

And that's it for today folks, as for the concluding part of the 'memoirs of imagination', watch out for it in movie theatres worldwide say in a couple of years -first i need to lay my hands on that other manuscript! 



  1. I wonder who was chasing him and why they were chasing him. I wonder what he has done or not done to warrant the chase. I wonder if the adrenaline rush was worth entertaining them with his latest run moves
    I always advice people who write to keep writing. One day it will pay off, if for anything but for the personal satisfaction you derive from writing.
    If you dont know how to keep your write ups, I will be sure to keep them for you

  2. @naijagirl,you felt the suspense right? lol. And as for the offer, i'd errr take you up on that too!!

  3. yea u got that rite.. u r guilty as charge of updating and updating lol(its a good thing though).. yea u scibbling are not bad

  4. all of them were pretty good. in fact, they were very good.
    "what hope does life hold
    for a man so sad and lonely
    that he slips everyday
    In between life and death
    What hope does life hold
    for a sick person
    who's been told that
    He may never live right again"
    loved it. and i can relate to it. thanks for stopping by mine

  5. @BNSC, yep i am guilty on all counts!! Thank you,guess those scribbles weren't bad afterall!
    @Bibi,it's very nice to know that you can relate to some of those words. Thank you for the comments.


    Thot i was the only one that scribbled a lot. but i dont think i'm as bad as you. Mine also occured more often while i'm bored in class. I had a thing about drawing eyes and hearts- with arrows going thru them. lol!! Dont ask me why.

  7. @Tigeress,not as bad as me eh? Drawing eyes,hearts-with arrows going through them,sounds pretty bad to me. lol. Not to worry,i'm not going to ask..hehe.

  8. standing ovay....I love your blog. words.cannot.describe.

  9. @ CulureCynic, oh you are so sweet!! Thank you.


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