Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Drop of Silence

Quote of the day:
When a thought is too weak to be expressed simply, simply drop it -Marquis de Vauvenargues

My thoughts 
so many...these days

my eyes...
a window to the world


forgive me 
for my thoughts...
too varied to be simply expressed...

a drop of silence.
in an ocean of dreams...



  1. Am firstttt! Yay...where is BSNC??

    Dude, you are not the only one having many thoughts o, my own is just plenty every everywhere tired sef.hmnnn but what do you need forgiveness for? Am sure the thoughts are not THAT bad...enjoy your wknd..xoxo

  2. Abeni, nah they aren't so bad..
    Just apologizing for not posting on those days...
    Thanks for checking in already.
    Have a splendid weekend okay*

  3. have a good weekend blogoratti!

    BTW I play a game with your currently listening to section. I check to see if I have the song in my library. So far so good!:D

  4. @My World, yeah the quote explains it all,really..thanks*

    @Taynement,oh that's nice to know.. so far so good? Interesting library you've got then..
    Nice looking out...Have a fun weekend,yeah*

  5. mmmhhnnn...a drop of silence in an ocean of dreams eh??

  6. there are some ppl that make me wish i could read minds and you're one of them lol.

    p.s: love the song you're currently listening to.

  7. @Dee, that song just makes a whole lot of sense presently...
    And err yea wish i could read minds too,hehe*
    Thank you and have a nice weekend!

  8. @ abeni am here at least am among the top ten

    my thought soo many too. i guess it goes with growing up

  9. i guess the quote totally reflects ur present state of mind..

    u seem to have a broad taste in music..coolies.. :D

  10. nice, nice, niiiiice

    When a thot is too weak to be expressed? Now, why does the thot have to be called weak cos it cant be expressed simply? Maybe, its better expressed in the complicated format. Drop the thot? uhhhhh, ok, will think about it.....just me playing the advocate as usual.

    Ok, dont think too much....fries your brain up.

    have a wonderful weekend

  11. @BSNC,true talk about the growing up part..

    @Butter,the quote does explain it all, yeah...broad taste in music,yep that's me*

    @naijagirl, it fries up the brain uhn..i hear you loud and clear,lol*
    And yes!!! you are playing the advocate as usual....nice!

    Have a lovely weekend people!!


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