Saturday, April 18, 2009

I Dreamed A Dream

Quote of the day:
You're the only one who can make the difference. Whatever your dream is, go for itEarvin Magic Johnson

Assumption is really the mother of all mistakes...
This post's inspiration comes from Susan Boyle
This is my 150th post by the way...

From the Britain's Got Talent Show, watch her rendition of - "I Dreamed a Dream"from the musical "Les Misérables...


Have you ever been laughed at....
made fun of...

Looked down upon..
for one reason or the other...

What was your reaction
when that happened...

Did you cry your eyes out...
or did you prove them wrong...

when you were given the chance...
did you prove them wrong...
disrespect turning to respect? 

Never give up on yourself...
never let the dreams fly away.


  1. Yes i have been and the good thing is you stand tall and prove them wrong.

  2. @Nice Anon, head held up high, yes one proves them wrong*

  3. Liked this my dad said the same to me...

  4. I liked that song n that woman just made me LOVE it. Assumption really is "the mother of all mistakes."

  5. i cried my eyes out, proved them wrong and kept my head up

  6. ohh by the way nice post :)

  7. The audacity of hope!Let your dreams fly.. Nice one!

    PS did u just say 150 post by the way?

  8. @Tay-mee,assumption.....sigh*

    @ BSNC, yeah the look on their faces when you prove them wrong....classic!
    Thank you for that*

    @ RocNaija, thanks for dropping by -and yes i did say 150th post,what better way to celebrate than to dedicate it to someone else uhn*

  9. Never give up on yourself.....sounds like a bell in my ears, 'cos its sooo true.
    nice one

  10. nice post.
    Wow, 150! I wish I was as good as you.
    So true - prove them wrong. I've always fought to do that, done it and still trying to do it. It's better to use negative experiences as fuel rather than a destruction tool.

  11. @ Adaeze, Very well said about proving them wrong and using

  12. *negative experiences as fuel as against a destruction tool...nice of you to drop by, thanks.

  13. congrats on ur 150th!

    yea, that woman was quite inspiring..ANYTHING is possible..

    thanks for the reminder.. :)

  14. @Butter,awww thanks for the wishes...

    Glad you found it inspiring...
    anything is definitely possible if you put your mind to it*
    Thank you and do enjoy the rest of the week!!


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