Wednesday, April 08, 2009

My Secret Is ...

Quote of the day:
Look within!... The secret is inside you -Hui-neng

She had a lot to tell i felt. 
Only people with secrets ask others for theirs.
it's something i've come to know....

So when we got talking...
mid-way she says 'tell me your secrets'....
i knew. i just knew that she had a lot to tell.

so what did i do?
I played along. I being the hunter played the hunted.

I told her one secret or two...
you see it wasn't enough. She wanted more...
something darker than light...

She had an aura surrounding her
a mix of venom and antidote....
her eyes were clandestine like. 

It was getting late...
but still she whispered 'tell me your secrets'...
before i could decide, she said okay i'll tell you mine.

her secrets never moved me...
i knew she had a lot to tell.
only people with secrets ask others for theirs...

her secrets never moved me...
only her eyes did.



  1. errr...what if i don't want to hear her secrets?

  2. I liked this..

    When I grow up I wanta write like you!

  3. lol @ Roc...but seriously are a gifted writer, i wish i could write poetry again

  4. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!

    signed.... shameless stalker.

    Yes Yes u r defintly right, only ppl with alot of secrets ask u to tell yours...perharps its the sharing, maybe it is their silent wish that your secret is darker than their own, so they pale in comparison, maybe it is that 'human' thing in all of us tht makes us want to seek out the common tie in all of us, she too wants to be part of something.

    Mayb she got tired of carrying around her skeltons and merely wanted to stash some of them in your closet, maybe she is pushing you to test you before u kno u r being tasted, maybe she is trying to establish trust, maybe she is merely trying to be entertained, perharps the secret she has isn't really her own...just maybe...

    But, keep looking her in the eye, it is the gateway to her soul, therein will lie her real skeltons, jus depends if you even care enuff to find it.

    LOL...(sticks out tongue)

  5. you are really gifted with words...

  6. You are really good with words..
    True about people with secrets,they ask 2 many questions...

  7. oooh, is that so?? ...interesting...nicely done!

  8. Very nice!

    Butttttttt Buttt what if I'm a very open person and I am just tres inquisitive then wha?? i still have secrets?!

    and I don't like this girl she sounds like a gbegborun, you'll have one issue and then she'll go open your nyansh outside!

    still nice~

  9. @Ms.Catwalq, there are no what- ifs.Get it? lol.

    @Roc,lol.Cracking me up man!,wish i could write more often like i used to as well..but hey i'm sure you'd encounter something that'd make you write once again*

    @CultureCynic,pretty deep interpretation,i'm liking it all- and it would even make a post of it's own...
    'Keep looking her in the eye,it is the gateway to her soul'...that is so true
    Nice stuff!
    P.S -I luv you more!!

    @BSNC,awww isn't that sweet*

    *thanks guys*

  10. Every single post of yours have either taught me something, made me think twice about something, or seen a new perspective of something. I love it. What you are saying is so true.

  11. Blogorattizzle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    gosh, I have a lot of catching up to do..let me get on with it..

  12. I came here cos word on the blog skreets is that you have nice lips! I cooo-sign.

    Ok, now on to the gist of the steez. I liked this one. Only people with secrets ask others for theirs huh? So do therapists have secrets?

    Oh and on a final note, a lady on blogsville wants you o. How much you wan pay for the hookup? I'm doing a business here. :-D

  13. If your theory is true, then everyone of us has secrets. Pure and simple.
    I have proof!!
    Ask and I will show you. :)
    The last line..hmm i'm confused.. LOL.. :)
    nice one!!

  14. why didnt her secrets move u??

  15. ohhhhhhhh please come and tell me the secret if indeed there is :) hehe

  16. @ My World,yeah too many questions,ah guess you feeling me on that one*

    @*Diane*,yes really!! Appreciate your being here.

    @*Abeni*, Yeah you still have secrets-lol@gbegborun.

    @Adaeze,awww that's real touching,thanks*

    @ Buttercup,haha you should see the grin on my face,and yeah you need a lot to catch up on*

    @Original Mgbeke,blog streets-me nice lips? Who's peddling that rumour,lol...
    'So do therapists have secrets'?lol. You are cracking me up,i'm telling you...
    Err,someone wants me....hnnnnm! Ahem,Lets talk in private*

    @Ochuko,Yes everyone's got secrets,don't you-i ask. lol

  17. I'm echoing Roc...You write really well. I like this.

  18. oh you still owe me music talk oh. I am feening for new music.

  19. you're a great writer!
    lmao culture is rather shameless though.. get a grip gurl! lol

    *secretly creates Blogoratti shrine*

  20. CC put it nicely. (Note to self: dont ask too many 'secret' questions) :-)

  21. @Buttercup,why her secret didn't move me? Hnnn,,maybe because i was expecting

    @ MissLove, you are so funny*
    @ TayneMent, hey i see you. I'll hook up with you on that music thing real soon,no doubt. Thanks for the heads up!
    @ Repressed One,thank you, oh you are far too kind*
    @ Dee Brighton, culture is rather shameless indeed,lol.
    *Yay,i got a shrine*
    @Cidersweet, yeah she sure did...
    lol@your note to self..

    *thank y'all!

  22. @poeticallytinted,lol. Yeah shifty eyes**

  23. @Buttercup,hnnnm what do you see...?lol.

  24. @kmplx,appreciate the love..

  25. B pls tell OG that u r not for sale....i hope she can hear me!!!! lol...and Dee, thanks for stating the obvious....did i not call my self shameless already and no i will not get a grip :P LMAOOOOO and B hiss at u for agreeing wit her and happy that she got a shrine...dont u kno she is trying to make me jealous.. LMAOOOO.when she starts chooking ur voodoo doll with a rusty doll needle, bera not call me...LMAOOOOOO

  26. Secrets...

    Thats is one scary seven letter word.

  27. @CultureCynic,lol.
    Hey CC, i know she can hear you,LMAO.
    lol@the voodoo doll,awww you know i'd always come running/calling you*

    @Afronuts,you scared of that word uhn..hehe! You got any?

  28. hahaha i love this
    hmmmm people with secrets have a lot to tell? They ask "tell me about your secrets?".....uhhh, not necessarily, espcially if the secret bearer is good ol moi

  29. @naijagirl,if the secret bearer is good uhn,i hear you,lol...
    How are you?*


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