Thursday, April 9, 2009

Show Love ...

Quote of the day: 
We need not think alike to love alike -Francis David

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All about Easter celebrations-here
All about Good Friday -here

For those with a easter weekend getaway, make sure to enjoy yourselves !!
Show love to everyone, and that includes your enemies...
Happy Easter Holidays!


  1. The only thing missing is what your plans were over the easter weekend..

    Nice quote..

  2. Happy Easter to you too Blogoratti!!

  3. @Roc,hey brov.,yeah i know!
    Plans are in top gear though..
    Nice looking out*

  4. @Repressed One,thank you very much.
    Have fun yeah*

  5. what about those that have exams on easter monday? lol

  6. My favorite Seal song on that album is It's a Man's world..go figure lol

    Happy easter to you too!

  7. @bumight,you got exams on monday uhn,awww sucks but all the best okay*

    @TayneMent,hey i see you..
    Oh your on the album is 'its a man's world'? Nice!
    I kind of prefer the original by James Brown though*

  8. I love that Seal's song and Josh Groban's version of Ave Maria..

    Happy Easter, Blogorattizzle! Lol..

  9. Happy Easter!! I love Fast Car..Tracy Chapman is just timeless.

  10. have a wonderful easter

    how come the eggs are not rainbow color?.....a curious bird wanna know

  11. oh yeah, how many of our to do list were you able to accomplish?.....just an accountability check

  12. Happy Easter to you too, though some of us don't have much of a

  13. Happy Holidays. I can't wait to have the things I gave up!


  14. have yourself a wonderful easter time

  15. @Buttercup, Oh yeah? Nice!

    @Nice Anon, oh thanks. I sure do hope you have a splendid time this easter*
    P.s- Have you gone private?

    @Kate, Tracy is indeed timeless..
    Nice of you to drop by*

    @ naijagirl, aww Happy Easter to you, and as for the colour of those eggs...hnnnnnm,something fishy's going on,lol!
    Okay yeah, i was waiting to do a recap of the week and to-do-list on sunday, but since you asked, the only thing i haven't gotten around to do yet on that list-is to read a book.
    Any suggestions?

    @ Tay-mee, oh my-don't tell me you have exams too..Oh well i'm sure it won't be that bad okay? Hang in there.

    @ Blanche Truffle,ahem! What things did you give up again? lol.
    Do tell us will you...

    *Thanks to everyone,much Luv!

  16. Have a happy Easter weekend dear...

  17. Hey B!!! CC here makin her presense known, just incase.......LMAOOOO...nice song list..please add some Dido to the list ..:P but am sure u were gonna but merely

    will send you a carton of mixed CD jams by DHL soon to make the list less

    happy weekend dear!! muahhhhh

  18. happy easter boo!!!! xx have fun o

  19. Happy Easter to you too! I like the quote~

  20. @BSNC,

    @Jaycee, nice looking out!
    Do have a great Easter holiday*

    @CC,hey i see you,lol-you are right about the playlist being scanty,so of course i'm on the lookout for that carton of mixed CD jams...
    Happy weekend of fun and reflections, much luv*

    @MissLove,aww nice of you to drop by, and do have a memorable Easter with loads of fun things,thanks!

    @*Abeni*,appreciate that. Enjoy your easter holidays okay..

    @Waffarian, Happy easter celebrations!!

    * Happy Easter everyone!

  21. Hey BSNC, how are you..Happy Easter!!!

  22. Guy,you'v been tagged by buttercup....
    Interesting post.
    Happy Easter.

  23. @My World,arrggghhh! lol.
    Thought no one would notice,hnnnm thanks for that...hehe!
    Will get around to doing that soon*
    Happy easter to you-have fun!

  24. yes. i have gone private. Thanks for the easter wishes.

  25. @Nice Anon,oh really!
    I hope i'm on the invitation list..
    Enjoy your easter holidays!

  26. @Nice Anon, its


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