Saturday, April 25, 2009

When Will You Understand

Quote of the day:
What we achieve inwardly will change outer reality -Otto Rank

One day you'll understand that i can't always be there..
I'm always one to have a listening ear...
a problem solver..
I've got my own problems too, my own thoughts you know.

But it's funny how people think they can always come to you for help...
you help them once...and they keep coming.
they always expect you to find solutions for them, no matter what...

Do they ask if you've got your own problems? 
It's all about gimme,gimme and gimme...

But hey, one day you'll understand...
sometimes you need to let go..
i can't always be solve your problems

One day you'll understand
that you need to solve your own problems.

Current Listen: Lauryn Hill -Zion


  1. i've come to the conculsion that some people will never understand that fact....

  2. Some people are just too needy like that

  3. Needy people must exist we just need to let them down easy.

  4. @Everyone: Yeah they must exist -like light and darkness,good and bad-weak and strong....err you get the message*


    Nice looking out guys*

  5. ehen blogoratii gimme the....

    lol yea i know what you mean. thats life jo..

    current listen: donell jone- where i want to be( i must do my own too..)

  6. lol ignore the last sentence..

  7. @BSNC,lol yea that's life jor...
    And err no,i'm not ignoring that last sentence,hehe!
    Happy sunday.

  8. dude, someday, when the tables turn(as they always do) you'll be grateful you dished the advice...tho i know, it can be a pain sometimes.There are calls i ALMOST didn't answer but i'm glad i came around...
    "..i have a flair for art & design.."interesting...

  9. Great 4 the idea,i gues there are 2 sides 2 life in wcheva spec.

  10. @Sleek,yea someday i hope..i've learned that you can't please everyone. You put your foot down when it's getting out of hand,yea*
    Art and design,cool we have that in common.
    Thanks for dropping by!

    @ My World, two sides to everything really..thank you for that*
    Have a lovely week!

  11. Compadre, balance must be acheived. Some must give others must take.

  12. wow this hit it for real. I am relating to it right now with one of my "friends" I just turned down to help for the ###th time...

  13. this is probably why they brought up the adage of "give a man a fish and he comes back for more, teach them how to fish and...." i feel you on this post


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