Sunday, April 05, 2009


Quote of the day:
You aren't wealthy until you have something money can't buy -Garth Brooks

The previous week was great and i was able to achieve most of the things i had listed out. 

It's the start of yet another cycle, so this week my plans are going to include: 

1. Basically catch up on things that i missesd doing or didn't get to complete the previous week

2. Start a positive habit, throw out the 'not so good' ones.

3. Read a book.

4. Have  at least a positive attitude to everything and everyone.

5. Blog, blog and blog. 

6. Keep in touch with old and new friends. Life's too short not to.

So that's it. Dream big. Be impossible.
Have a fantastic week people!


  1. wow.... good to see you closed out most of your issues last week....Wish I did as well.... Might take up this habt and see if it hlps me..

  2. @JustDB,it wasn't easy but i pulled it off somewhat,hehe.
    I'm sure you'd improve on yours as well.

  3. great plan as usual. i wish i could plan my own week too. nice

  4. oh nice. PS i love your profile picture. You have "wicked" lips

  5. @BSNC,you can do it to...say yes i can,hehe. Hope you had a fun weekend?

    @Nice Anon,aww you flatter me, thank you*

    Thanks guys*

  6. nice to know you accomplished most of your wishes...let me know how this week goes
    i like the quote, its interesting to know that there are many things money cant buy but we dont reall appreciate those things
    power of positive thinking.....way to go boy, hope you achieve that
    blog blog blog?...well, dont get addicted, addicted, addicted

  7. Amen @ DREAM BIG! What a wonderful idea with having these kind of goals each week. It's sure to make us sharpen our minds. I just might copy u on that. I Always make these weeks in my head, but when my head gets messy the plan does too haha. Have a great week and I hope you accomplish everything.

  8. @naijagirl,yeah i achieved most of those things and it felt good too...addicted addicted addicted?
    No,no,no. lol

    @Adaeze,it sure does come handy when it's written down,so go ahead and use that. Thanks for checking in..
    Enjoy your week!!

  9. I love it B!!...esp..."dream big, be impossible" i came up with another one. "Live in the now. Be memorable" lol...u likey?????

    p.s have i said how much i love stalking and reading ur blog, the daily quotes are always fun, keep em coming and cheers for ur lovely compliments on my spot, noice!!!

  10. @CC,i'm liking it no doubt*,Be memorable,hhnnnm that's got a certain ring to it..lovely.

    P.s now i know my stalkers,lol.
    Seriously i'm glad that you are happy. You are happy, i'm happy!

  11. I used to plan my reading timetable like that. I'm asking myself y I never thot of doing the same for my personal life(talk about majoring on the minor).

    I have a question for you: if you aren't an EXSchoolNerd, then you're still a nerd shey? (referring to your previous post. I cudnt help it).
    May your plans be fruitful, amen.

  12. good luck with these new @ #5..

    i really dunno how to plan and stick to it..i just take each day as it comes..


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