Saturday, April 04, 2009


Quote of the day: 

 He who does not enjoy solitude will not love freedom -Arthur Schopenhauer


So far so good. Week went by smoothly. Weekend was even better. 

Smoother than a new born baby's behind. ..

For all those who thought blogoratti was a female all along,i forgive you(names withheld,lol). 

So i'm in my space. I'm in my little world now,this is my solitude. 

And i do the only thing i know how to -think!


So here goes. everyone who's ever commented on my blog. 

This goes out to you,and you and you.....



I'm a naija boy and not a naijagirl

I've got Brown Skin but i'm no BSNC

I used to be a nerd in school but not an exschoolnerd

Welcome to My world, i'm all about Dabizniz

i stand firm like a house on the Roc

i'm no culture cynic but you can refer to me as a Gee   


I'm a thinker as well as a dreamer but i'm not TheYarner

neither am i a word merchant

i entertain but not anywhere near TayneMent

I'm just me not JustDB, i'm not ochuko, i'm not Miss Lowlah


But so far, i fly high like a Parakeet or miss Flyhigh-Londonsnaijaqueen 

i stand tall like The activist

i don't have that smile but i check out my Africana wardrobe diary


i need just two tears in a bucket,one for me and Adaeze

this is why i write but i'm not even bumight

love is fiery and sweet though i confess not to be a gemini duo 


but thanks to Loila i got the art of rememory 

they say life is bittersweet but i say it's only cidersweet

she's the one, she's Miss Definitely Maybe

or is it L-VII, or kemi penelope

i have to go as my skies turn a deep Scarlet be continued...




  1. WOW. Thanks for the shoutout bruv. And I did think you were female by the way!

  2. awwwww shucks, this is quite nice!!
    was so suprized to see my name at the end :)
    come to think of it i don't think you've commented on my blog before??? wat are u waititng for?

  3. @TheYarner,most welcome, thanks for dropping by -and oh by the way you too??

    @Nice Anon, thank you. Watch out for the other part though..

    @Scarlet,I see you.
    Will pay you a surprise visit soon..thanks*

  4. Dude thanks for the love...
    Will be coming here more often..
    Your blogs cool

  5. @Dabizniz,you are welcome, and thanks for the comments too!

  6. niiiice; look at you spitting like MI
    thanks for the shout out

  7. aww thats sweet!
    I never thought you were female..
    You're so creative and oooze wisdom all the day with all your posts. Love it!

  8. @naijagirl,or MI spitting like me,lol. Just thought i should do a little somethn somethn* for you guys..

    @Adaeze,why thank you for that.
    Appreciate all the luv and comments from you.


  9. @BlackBerry,yeah! An Ode...hnnnm hnnnm.

  10. omy my gosh!! ooh you're very good @ having me you know that i somehow missed the part about my
    you're a darling :-)

  11. awwwwwwwwwwwwwww this was nice man!


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