Friday, May 1, 2009


Quote of the day:

If you want to be happy, be -Henry David Thoreau

Shout out to anyone celebrating their birthdays in May...

So how is everyone out there today...
Happy worker's day!

Tomorrow by the way, i'll be celebrating my birthday...adding another year,sigh*
Yes i know what you are thinking-why haven't you mentioned it before?
Well i just did, lol. Guess i ought to have included that in my plans for this week uhn..

Anyways, i might not be blogging tomorrow-but i guess y'all will understand...

To have come this far in life i am grateful....the only object in life is to grow!
What more can i say,i am really looking forward to it all...

Current Listen: The Beatles -Happy Birthday


  1. happy birthday in advance man.. keep serving up these thoughts.....

  2. Happy Birthday BloGoRattI!!! Hope you get to have a fun bday weekend. Here's to a great new year ahead for you!!

  3. Great stuff.. Happy Buffday bro!

  4. Happy birthday in advance...will be back tomorrow to repeat it!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope u enjoy the day whenever it is.

  6. Happy Birthday in advance....
    have yourself a good time, it comes only but once in a year.
    Mad love yo

  7. Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! make sure you have fun....

  8. Happy birthday Blogaratti.. i want my cake oo ;)

  9. (singing)Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday happy birthday , happy birthday to you. pls i want my cake oh, i didnt sing for nothin lol, have great day.

  10. Happy Birthday,dearie!!!
    I hope you enjoy your day....

  11. Happy Birthday, Mr Ratti! Hope you have an awesome one and may God continue to bless you and the talent that he has given you.

  12. Happy birthday B'ratti.
    You know what to do!!

  13. Happy birthday...hope you have/had a wonderful day.

  14. @everyone:
    Aww thank you guys, you are all so awesome..

  15. Happy b-lated birthday!!!
    I was camped out in the lib for the last few days and had limited access to internet so i missed it. but i do hope your birthday was spectacularly awesome :-)

  16. @*Diane*, oh sweet of you to drop by and thank you for the wishes-yes i had an awesome time*

  17. Oh wow!
    You're like one day after me huh?
    Nice one!

    Happy Birthday in arrears man..hope you had a good day..
    I hope you get 365 more opportunities to make a valid and satisfying you and life...
    All of God's blessings

    Mocha x


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