Sunday, May 03, 2009

New week, Again New Plans!

Quote of the day:

It is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself -Thomas Paine

Thanks guys for all those messages and prayer..
you got me feeling all i don't know...
i would cry,but the fun's dried my eyes out,lol.
Thanks to Danny BaGucci, Repressed One, Miss Lowlah, RocNaija, bumight, Scarlet,chayoma, Funms-the rebirth, BSNC, OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz, My World, TayneMent,ochuko, Kate

You guys are too much...appreciate all the love and messages..
And to friends,family,colleagues-for all the text messages and calls, it was awesome!!
Thank you, and i hope your birthday is as memorable as mine was.

So it was a great week for me, and what better way to end it than a birthday uhn..
i haven't visited some of your blogs,been so busy and all,but will get around to doing that soonest.

Plans for last week were carried out except two: 'professional networking' and 'learn a new language'..
So for this week i'll start with those,hopefully.

Plans for the week

1. Network -
Increase professional network.
2. Learn a new language. I say that again.
3. Be more responsible,focused.
4. Strive for the best things. Don't settle for just good things.
5. Never stop learning. Also learn from past mistakes.
6. Blog....and blog.
7. Read a new book.
8. 20 minute principle -going to use that daily to figure out where i'm going in life,if i'm making
much progress-at least 20 minutes daily.

That's about it and thanks again everyone for the Birthday Wishes....much love.
Have a beautiful week full of possibilities!

Current listen: Radiohead -Weird Fishes


  1. Dude.. you sure are going places with your ideas -- 20 mins a day to see where you are headed? Cool man...

  2. On reading a book... my choice for the week is "Things fall apart" by Chinua Achebe.. :)
    Have a great week.

  3. happy happy happy....have i said happy? happy birthday to you oh dearest bloggoratti. I wish you all the best; may all your dreams come true today and for the rest of the days

  4. oh new language you said? hmmm, yu wanna learn mine? its in between gibberish and sensibility

  5. Birthday boy where is my cake. okay oo

    you know you are welcome now :)

  6. Oh damn, i missed ur birthday. Happy belated birthday Blogorattizzle! Wish u many more..

    Have a great week.

  7. awwww, so sorry i missed your bday. happy belated bday. was working throughout. so sorry

  8. Aww I am so sorry I missed your b-day. It was cause I was having my own! On 1st. Yours on second? Yay I love fellow May-children, lol
    I hope you had wonderful day and celebration? Sorry I haven't been around for a while, you know, busy! I love your weekly plans and have adopted the idea. So you can be happy you are already spreading your inventive ideas across countrborders ;-)
    Happy, happy birthdy. I wish you a blessed new year of your life with lots of growth, enlightenment, in a peaceful atmosphere filled with lots of love and acknowledgement.

  9. @Anon,thank you for that.

    @ Taynement,aww i know i am. So when are we doing our music talk eh?

    @Ochuko, nice choice of a book from a great author. Great week to you!

    @Naijagirl,Thank you,thank you-far too kind. And err no thanks on learning your language,hehe!

    @BSNC,hey missed you guys o! Your cake,i sent it to the wrong address,so i'll resend,lol.

    @Butter,hello. You've been MIA but good to have you back and thanks.

    @Bibi,thank you,thank you. Appreciate that. Working too much uhn, hang in there..

    @Adaeze, are you kidding...woa i missed urs too. Sorry about that. And thank you for those wishes.
    I hope you had a lovely time as well. Wishing more joy and happiness,today,tomorrow and always. Much love.

    thanks everyone*

  10. Aww,your welcome...
    Hope u had fun.
    I am lovin the whole 20 mins thing.
    Hav a grt week...

  11. You're welcome!! Hope you celebrated well...have a great week!


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