Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Caught In Her Web

Quote of the day:
It's so nice to get flowers while you can still smell the fragrance - Lena Horne

she walked past me and my pupils dilated....
a thousand and one words sped through my mind....

Words that literally came to life...
words like..... essence, femininity, allure,magnetism.....

like a pied piper her scent played me a tune...

she weaved a web, and i got trapped in escape

how a smell...

a scent...

a fragnance....
or aroma....


how it all can trigger a memory...
a thought...

a dream...or something else

Current Listen: Jill Scott -Cross my Mind



  1. I know exactly what you mean...some smells reminding me of 'beginning of term in sec. school, those horrible back to school days'. Some smells remind me of my mama, while others remind me of this guy I liked a long time ago...hmmm nothing like good smells to refresh ur memory.

  2. i knowwwww....the science of smell is rather fascinating. the one that kills me is how a smell can trigger a feeling that is not even related. like smelling thai pasta makes you thinnk of a person instead of hunger. a smell can take you way back and bring you back ...i use my nose everyday!!! thanks for the reminder

  3. Hahaha.. Much like the way some corned beef from Marks and Spencer reminded me of Akara!!! Crazy!

  4. Yes, they say the sensation of smell is the one out of all sensations that triggers memories the strongest.

  5. the power of smelll....keep repping hon
    hmmmmm, makes me wonder whats gonna happen when a person loses that sense of smell. this is a food for thot for m

  6. @Miss Natural,nothing like it i tell you-good smell that is.

    @CC,yep it can take you away on a journey and bring you right back too*

    @DB,that got me cracking up,lol.

    @Adaeze,smell is very powerful yeah? Even more powerful is what it does to the mind..

    @naijagirl,thanks Ng. Food for thought indeed for one to lose the sense of smell...hnnnm not good.

  7. scent and memories are entwined! i associate the smell of fresh rain, you know the earty scent that wafts up after a heavy storm with childhood!

  8. True, True , True....I came across a smell that took me back many years whilst I was dating wifey...

    Well written as usual..

    God bless.

  9. The fragrance of this write-up just reminded me of a beautiful lady I once knew :D!!!

  10. @wordmerchant,ah the smell of fresh rain....that's pure bliss.

    @babajidesalu,that's nice to know you came across that smell again,hehe. Thank you for sharing that*

    @ochuko,hnnnm ochuko-ahem lets hear the full story. wink*

  11. oh yea,
    Just last week, some dude`s cologne brought up old memories. and they come at the most unexpected of moments!

    apparently guys are attracted to the smell of vanilla. how true is thatÉ

  12. The magic of scent. This is exceptional.

  13. What is the something else??

    I love when i come up to people and close their eyes and they still know it's me...I'm like thanks Paco Rabanne


  14. @chayoma,oh that's nice-good old memories that is...guys attracted to vanilla...hnnnm,i err can't say on that one.

    @Poetry in the Global Box,nice of to drop by.

    @bob-ij,the something else is.....shhhhh! lol. Paco Rabanne uhn...nice!

  15. Really nice....loves it!

    The power of the sense of smell.
    There was a time my Dad used a particular brand of aftershave alot...till this day whenever I perceive this fragrance it reminds me of my Dad

  16. @joicee,glad you like.
    Nothing compares to a scent that brings back a fond memory...
    Thanks for dropping by*

  17. @joicee,glad you like.
    Nothing compares to a scent that brings back a fond memory...
    Thanks for dropping by*


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