Monday, May 18, 2009

Man With The Yellow Coat

Quote of the day:

Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed -Martin Luther

Yesterday i saw a man
he wore a suit
the colours
didn't match
grey pants
and a yellow suit jacket....

and all i could think was 'i wish i could do that'....
dress anyway i wanted
screw what anyone thinks.....

infact i'd go out....
buy myself a yellow coat -no make that purple
or rather red....

zombies.....we all are
following the crowd...puppets on a string..., dress, talk and walk just like everyone else ...
I'm a zombie too, what do i do?

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  1. I say stick to the yellow coat.

  2. I say you go out and get you a red coat and I'll get me the purple one.

  3. if you're feeling the yellow go for it.

  4. we are not following the crowd we are setting d trends dats why we would never be caught dead in a yellow coat and grey pants

  5. Yup!
    Yellow coat.. Pink shoes.. Limp wrist..

    You'll be in the in-crowd in minutes..

  6. Definitely red.
    You want to get noticed for the right reasons

  7. the idea always feels good in the head..its the execution that feels really awkward; and then you relapse back into doing what every1 does, how every1 does it

  8. precisely the point behind why i wrote THIS .

    Are we living to our own beat, or dancing to other people's?

  9. It's called whatever rocks your boat. Others could be rocked by the same thing too.
    There's sanity and insanity. normal and abnormal. culture and uncultured. natural and unnatural.
    choose your boat.

  10. I love the thought, as in be what you want whilst being 'reasonably reasonable'..yeah stay with yellow, a green hat and red shoes lol...ok that's weird. yellow and black shoes :)

  11. @Tigeress,*Diane*,Tay-mee,Scarlet-i'm feeling you ladies jor,lol.

    @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,setting the trends uhn....hnnnm!

    @Roc,pink shoes? Nah,lol.

    @chayoma, right! *wink

  12. @chayoma, right! *wink wink

    @sleek,yes i know what you mean about going back to one's old ways...

    @a.k.a BaGucci, i see what you mean after following your link...thanks for that*

    @ochuko,choose my boat? I think it sunk a while back-how about i take your boat,hehe!

    @Miss Natural,yes that's the message i'm trying to get across -be who you want to be,however you want to be,while not minding what people would say.
    People are always ready to criticize how you look,what you wear,all the poem is saying is 'this is what i want,and i'm going for it'....

    *thanks everyone, and for the records- I AM Neither getting a yellow nor a red coat,lol.

  13. MAKE THAT ORANGE COAT...its so true..stms i wish i could just no care at all...

  14. Man I loved this one. Such an important message. Human beings tend to have a sheep-mentally but it is so crucially important to snap out of it...

  15. @Shishi,yeah i know that feeling-of wanting to just not care at all..

    @Adaeze,we follow ourselves and sometimes leave behind the real 'US',true!
    How have you been?

  16. Actually, I don't see anything wrong in the grey pants and yellow coat idea. lol. Which one be my own?

  17. @Bibi,knew i could count on ya, wink*

  18. hahaha i love this; to think I was reading up fashion and style today and all the writers agreed on was it came from inside. whatever you love and works for you....stick to it.

    I recall thats how i paid attention to naija actor KOK cos of his flare for colored suits in his movies. Its only someone like him that can wear off color suits and get away with it.

    ahaha, did Roc say pink shoes too? hahahaha uhhhhhh, i shall be in the sideline watching

  19. @naijagirl,all very well said. Thanks for dropping by *

  20. how about Indigo?....the only way to do it and not be 'part of the crowd' is to do it in a whole new different hue ....or you could do one better and WEAR that very Black one u've got. Who says u've got to wear it when its in...wear what you want, just make it your own. you know how there are two people in a exactly the same outfits but your eye goes to only one...? u berra be that one person that 'skewed' it and dared to be a lonewolf. If u must wear it, WEAR it better. u know how i feel about this!!

  21. Hey CC,true words and i sure do know how you feel about it all-being that one person who gets all the wow looks eh? Yes that could be me. Wait a minute that is ME,lol.
    Nice looking out CC. wink*

  22. of course it is you. which is why i said ' u berra B' lol hey B!!!!!!!!


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