Saturday, May 30, 2009

Poem: Cloud Nine

Quote of the day:

All I can say about life is, Oh God, enjoy it!
Bob Newhart

Right about now...
as i watch the sun go down..
curtains drawn back as i gaze

i realized that the skies
with all the beauty inside...

is something that we think little of.....
one of those things that we fail to appreciate

Grey clouds are at a standstill
there are hundreds of them scattered around..
something or someone bigger...
is taking care of them..

I marvel at this free work of art unfolding...
art that we all so busy to even notice

Current Playlists: (songs that i'm feeling right now)
1. John Legend -Everbody knows
3. Akon Feat. Micheal Jackson-Hold My Hand

Have a great weekend everyone!



  1. Nice!!!
    Hav a gr8 wknd 2........

  2. awww...nice one...have a great weekend too!

  3. Thank you L. Have yourself a great one,yea!

  4. How so true..
    paintings,pictures ,heck even videos cannot catch the magic that is the skies....

    Have an awesome weekend! (every1 was saying great, i had to be original naa...)

  5. @akaBagucci,couldn't agree with you more on that one. True indeed-enjoy life,that's all there is to say!

    @chayoma,nothing captures the magical skies better than the eyes i tell you...
    I'm liking your originality too,wink*

  6. I was watching a movie today where a guy in prison was praying to get out so bad just to see the sky. According to him, I cant believe i will miss the sky so bad.
    This is one of those things we take for granted until you get locked up and never get to see them

  7. @Ng,thanks for sharing that..explains it all really.


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