Sunday, May 31, 2009

New List For the Week

Quote of the day:

People who have what they want are fond of telling people who haven't what they want that they really don't want it
-Ogden Nash

Past week was awesome....
filled with new thoughts..
inspirations and ideas...
ups and downs.....

All in all it was a good week...
of blogging, dreaming, working and learning..
and yearning...

This week...i hope would be better than the last
that's what life is all about right? Improving on things...

Started a book -Selections from Genji Monogatari Classical Poetry and Drama of Japan....
hope to read a new book this week as well..
my language lessons...didn't dwell much on that like i wanted to..

My plans for this week

1. Write down a list of my strengths and carry it as a reminder
2. Do a little shopping, rearrange my wardrobe
3. Go catch a movie (i hope)
4. Read a new book, learn a new task
5. Work out
6. Eat healthy
7. Blog.....and blog
8. Call an old friend just to say hello
9. Always believe in myself even if no else will
10. Keep the dreams alive

So that's it folks! Have a happy Sunday...

I wish you all a very successful week...
Enjoy life while you still can.

Current Listen: David Sides -Imagine me(Piano Cover)



  1. That's a curious quote you got up there..

  2. ohh i get the quote.

    its like someone who has a car telling someone who doesn't have a car that they don't really need the car because they is no big deal.

    its either i got the quote or i just completely confused

    i hope you fulfill your plans :)

  3. I might just call a friend to say "hello" aswell, never really been good at that.

  4. word! (da quote)
    what movie..
    hmm i shud pick 2 or 3 thnz 4m ur list
    nice :)

  5. @Roc,yeah i know what you mean,lol. I had to go uhn?? myself when i first saw it*

    @BSNC,i think you might just have nailed it,hehe. I hope you have a lovely week.

    @Tay-mee,i'm sure the friend would appreciate your thoughtfulness. So just do it*

    @Sweetness,what movie? Uhm i have no idea yet,have to find out which ones are showing i guess..
    You want to pick from the list uhn...nice! Great week!


  6. uhm uhm.....i still havent got hold of that quote....any english translation?

    yearning?...niiice, what were you yearning for?

    uh uh uh call me call me call me

    dont mind me jare...i see you hav stepped up with the book reading. good for you. i wish you a wonderful week ahead. i like the writing your strengths and reminding yourself about it

  7. @Ng,I was yearning for....
    I would give you a call, but i don;t have your digits remember? Yeah i've stepped up the book reading -helps with my thought process you know...
    Thanks for dropping by, appreciate that*

    Nice week!!


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