Monday, May 25, 2009

Life Has Taught Me

Quote of the day:

I slept and dreamt that life was Joy. I woke and saw that life was Duty. I acted, and behold, Duty was Joy- Rabindranath Tagore

Life has taught me
to be a dreamer ...
to search for answers where there appears none
to laugh at myself often....

Life has taught me
that friends come and friends go-just like the sunrise and the sunset....
and that the greatest impressions made on us...
are often by people who get to leave too soon

Life has taught me
never to look down on an individual....
never to take things for granted...
and to always see lights at the end of the tunnel

Life has taught me
that trust built over the years can crumble due to little fears

Life has taught me
that putting a smile on someone's face is worth more than riches....

Life has taught me
that too much of everything-although sometimes good always end up being far worse in the end

Life has taught me
to be brave...
to be strong...
to be be wrong
to achieve
to be naive...
to be free

Life jas taught me these and lots more....
what has life taught you?

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  1. I was thinking about this today. Life has taught me to always do the best I can do, most of all to do my best to help other people no matter how powerless I feel, every little goes along way. Life is beautiful for me (lol at least most of the time), i'm going to make it beautiful for others.

  2. wow!
    Life has taught me to believe in myself, even when everyone around me thinks i'm crazy.
    Life has taught me to be grateful for who i am, and what i have.Life has taught me that it is the little things that matter the most.
    Life has taught me to live for the moments that take my breath away( i had to add that naa) for you only live once (well twice according to 007, onme for yourself and one in your dreams...)
    Above all Life has taught me to LOVE! coz it's all that matters...

  3. Life has taught me a lot; I have learned what it means to love and to be hurt. I have learned to say No even when I wish to say Yes. I have learned to trust and believe God even when everything around me is going down south. I have learned to grow up even when i didnt want to. I havent learned everything but i have learned quite a lot for my age

  4. @Miss Natural,life is indeed beautiful and thanks for sharing that

    @chayoma,I liked that first part-believing in yourself even when others think you are crazy...

    @Ng,Nice of you to acknowledge that learning never ends for us. We live and learn*

  5. That nothing is ever black or white. Sometimes Mr Grey peeks in.

    Sometimes may not work out the way you want them to but they eventually work out the way they are supposed to.

    Nothing is guaranteed.

    Life is fleeting.

  6. @TayneMent,'nothing is guaranteed'...i like that.

  7. uhhhh...Im not sure what life has taught me...
    i think its teaching me to be patient (in more ways than one)
    I think its teaching me that I need to trust God completely...
    ..I dnt know mehn..Im still tryin to figure it out...

  8. @Brokeass,it's okay....we all are still trying to figure it out too. We live and learn*

  9. I sure am feeling that quote...........
    Life is surely the best teacher!!!

  10. Life has taught me that my B will always deliver and make me think

    Life has taught me that life is way too short to live it as someone else

    Life has taught me that money might not buy you love, but it will pay for the plane ticket to fly anywhere in the world to find said love

    Life has taught me that what people say about me don't matter, the only thing that counts is HOW i see myself

    Life has taught me that love should not be feared but should be shared

    Life has taught me that at the end of the day, it is better to be hated for what you believe in than being loved over nothing.

    Life is way too short to count its many lessons, but i will rather learn something new everyday than be on the sidelines in my own life.

    B u have done it again.....i marvel at your thoughtprovoking words as usual.

  11. i like this :)

    life has taught me nothing good comes easily

    life has taught me nothing ever promise tomorrow today.

  12. i love has thought me not to rush into decisions...there is always tomorrow,sleep on it.

  13. I love this concept. I am inspired to write a separate post answering that question. Deep stuff, but then again everything on your blog is quite deep and I like that :-)

  14. @My World, the best teacher there ever was;life.

    @CC,liked everything you wrote especially that part about life being too short to be living it as someone else....hnnnm!
    And appreciate all that -i made you think as usual uhn...nice! Much Luv.

    @BSNC,nothing good comes easy-well said. Welcome back !!

    @leggy,true that-rushing into things is not cool;but then again sometimes one tends to rush into decision making-all part of living and learning yea*


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