Sunday, May 24, 2009

Plans For 4th Week of May

Quote of the day:

The first half of life is spent in longing for the second -- the second half in regretting the first -French Proverb

Great week that just went by....
For those of you that made new year resolutions and all -any luck with those resolutions?

Amazing isn't it how far the year has gone already-almost halfway!
So if you haven't figured out what you want to achieve this year, then this might be the right time to get around to doing just that.

For the previous week i made may plans, a greater part of which i was able to carry out...

I continued with my '20 minute principle',and that's going on pretty well.....As for the learning French, i got my hands on some French lessons online and hope to work some more on that-i hope to spend at least 15 minutes a day on lessons....

I'm currently reading a Jerry Manas book on Project Management and also an e-book of Pastoral Poems by Nicholas Breton.

My plans for this new week

1. Smile and laugh more
2. Do more listening than talking
3. Continue with the French Lessons
4. Blog, and blog
5. Work and play
6. Visualize possibilities to solving problems
7. Call up someone i haven't talked to in a while
8. Read a new book
9. Manage my stress level by planning ahead
10. Never stop dreaming
11. Learn something new

Current Read: Jerry Manas -Napoleon on Project Management

Current Listen: Evanessence -My immortal



  1. wow,
    i wish i had my week planned out like that...
    i know i have to get my hair did, go to work and school, call my pops everyday as he came down with the flu n loves being"baby-ed" when he doesn't feel too good!
    keep my dreams on my spanish. get a post up. let my hair down sometime this week...
    and the list goes on

  2. Never stop dreaming... Word!

  3. good luck!!!

    glad to see u are finally doing something about the french...

  4. May you acheive ur goals for the week bro.

  5. @chayoma,woa slow down girl,lol. Looks like you got a busy week ahead of you...tell your dad to get better soon*
    Have a superb week!

    @Roc,glad you feel that way too. Cheers!

    @TayneMent,hnnm hmmmn. Hey you what ever happened to that music talk we planned...holla!

  6. @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,yes!! Finally uhn,hehe. Thanks for that and all the best this week!

    @cerberus,i appreciate that, Make the best of your week alright?


  7. I need to go revise my list now oh.. lol.. I got...

    No 3, mine is Spanish

    No 4 one day soon, I will be blogging once a month in spanish, if I get my vowels right! :-))

    No 8 - I'm on a mission to read 52 books this year (as a minimum), God help me oh

    No 10, one should never stop dreaming

    Have an awesome week accomplishing your list.. :-)

  8. I love the way you plan your week..that's something I would love to be organised enough to do.

  9. lol lol am with u on 1 n 3 :)

  10. @Remi,yes you need to go revise that list of yours...and did you say 52 books...what number are you on now?
    Wish you all the best with your goal and enjoy your week. Thanks for dropping by*

    @Tay-mee, thank you for that. So go ahead and create your own to-do-lists-let me know how that goes..

    @sweetness,ah really-glad to be of help,hehe!


  11. @ Blogarati, I'm on number 20....Yes I can!... Have a great week

  12. @Remi,number 20 you say...hnnnm not bad at all. Impressive.


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