Tuesday, May 05, 2009

A Time That is Right

Quote of the day:

The time is always right to do what is right -Martin Luther King Jr

When is the right time..

There's a time to speak..
a time to listen.

A time to be strong...
to be weak.
to fight..
to run away..
into the embrace of the night

A time to change...
to be brave
to be different.

When the time is right..
you'll know.

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  1. First!!

    What's the time right for now blogoratti?

  2. Dude.. Did I ever say all these quotes WOW me?

    The time is always right to do what is right .. Like read my books... I get it.. LOL...

  3. oooo i guess i am second.

    They is time for everything.. a time to blog and a time to comment..lol

    don't mind me jo. Nice post

  4. so i am third sef. DB go and read you book, shey i would have been second now..

  5. Lol@BSNC...tell him like it is. why u roaming blogville when the books are claling DB.
    nice peom. love it.
    thanks for breezing by sweetville

  6. A time to love and be loved...
    A time to leave and be left...

    Too true..you DO always know when 'A Time is Right"..

    Nice one...

  7. Like is said.."For every Season There is a Reason...
    Well said..

  8. "When the time is right..
    you'll know."

    Hmmm really? I sure hope so.

  9. I hope I know though, like really... Things just jump on me and I can't filter. But what's the time right for you for??


  10. A time to look at the time..
    A time to wonder what time it is..
    A time to watch time fly..

    "Okay.. this is starting to get confusing.. :-D"

    Nice quote Mr B!

  11. A time to abase
    A time to abound
    A time to seek
    A time to be found...

    Everything under the sun has it's time and season....

    I love the trutful yet profound simplicity of this post...

    Have a great week.. :-)

  12. yet again another nice one. There's a time for everything. Wise people recognize that.

  13. @Miss Lowlah, time to move on miss,time to take that step*

    @Danny BG, yeah like read your books,haha! Thank you for that.

    @BSNC,you are cracking me up...yes o time for everything, thanks

    @Sweetnothin', DB you heard the ladies, go read! Thanks for being here.

    @Mocha, time to be left,hnnnm that's deep!

    @Rose,true that. Thanks for dropping by*

  14. @Repressed One, i sure do hope so too..

    @bob-ij, time's right to start doing the right things in life i guess..how you doing?

    @Roc,confusing us eh? lol.Good seeing you on here*

    @Remi, United Kingdom -thank you for sharing that, glad you like. Have a lovely week!

    @Adaeze, i sure wish we all would wake up to see that,maybe the world would be a better place..thank you so much for dropping by.
    Have a great week everyone!

  15. Oh no!
    the great James Audu immediately comes to mind.....
    'There's a time to be born and a time to die.
    In between is the privelege to live.
    We live to the glory of our Lord and that of our people.'
    May his soul rest in peace.

  16. Ecclesiates chapter 3 said it all....For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven"

    Reading this chapter has told me that the TIME IS NOW.....

  17. B!!!....CC missed her B!!! ok am coming back to you darling small small....lol

    there is a time for everything...tick tock tick tock says the clock...lol

    time to retract and time to come back,
    time to take flight and time to stand tall..
    time for me to give you space, and time for me to bombard you with affection...
    time for B and time for C

    U always know the right time to write the right things...the right time to say the most relevant things...i guess you kno when the time is right huh?? hey B!!!! guess what time it is.....?? time for me to bounce!!!!


    Kisses B


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