Monday, May 04, 2009

All Over Again

Quote of the day:
To respond is positive, to react is negative -Zig Ziglar

What would you do all over again...

What is that one thing that you'd do all over again
If you could go back in time?

Would you smile more, laugh more..
Make more friends..
Love people better..

Would you run in the fields
a little child with innocence

would you play in the rain...
drive your folks insane?


Current Listen: India Arie -Brown Skin


  1. I would live in Barcelona again.

  2. I would tell HIM i love him
    over and over again

  3. i love mi familia and amigos all over again

    my brown skin.. i like that song

  4. i love that song too..
    i would like to be a child all over again..

  5. i would have gone on a road trip to miami 3yrs ago....

  6. Wow there's a lot of things I think I would do all over again. I might actually do high school instead of another year of uni.

  7. I would have done a study abroad program in college.

    I would have taken the piano, swimming, ballet,karate,french and swahili lessons my mom made me take seriously.

    I would have opened my heart more.

  8. i would re-live my days at university

  9. I LOVE IT HERE...
    If i could do it all again, i would love and love more without limits

  10. @Cerberus, i'm sure it's a lovely place to live..nice!

    @Miss Definitely Maybe, hnnnnm. I'm jealous o!

    @BSNC,yeah that song was for you ladies,hehe! Nothing like la familia*

    @Adaeze,childhood dreams uhn..i can relate with that.

    @Gee,i see. *cough

  11. *Diane*, oh sorry about that..but it's never too late to go you know*

    @Danny BaGucci,i feel you man, i feel you!

    @Tay-mee,oh really, hehe!

    @TayneMent,i'm liking that last part about the heart*

    @Sleek, gotta love those times old days uhn.

    @Shishi, nice one. I like that* Looks like we all have many things we'd go back to do all over again.

  12. I'd have dated him and not his brother.

  13. i would like to be a child all over again and never grow up....becuz i was my happiest then.

    i would go back to a time when i was really trully happy and relive it over and over and over again...

    BUt is only a wish.
    cheers to some type of resemblance of the things in the past that made us happy and cheers to the sustained rememberance of them...

    B u r a real big deal u kno....i just love the thought provoking sentiments of your writings...please keep them coming!!

    xx CC

  14. @Miss Lowlah,oh word?

    @CC,awww we all want to go back to our childhood CC...good times eh?
    It's the memories that really keep us going i guess, reminiscing and all.
    Glad you like my writings, thank you for dropping by*


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