Sunday, May 17, 2009

Week of New & Old Things

Quote of the day:
It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted -Mary O'Connor

It's the start of another week and a review of the past one.
Real busy week i must say...

How did you fare during the week...
Were you able to get as much things done as possible?

I'm still doing the '20 minute principle', and i actually use a word editor to write everything i'm thinking down-ideas, goals and all. Started this 2 weeks ago, so now I've got a handful of things written down, and the good thing about it is that i can always go back and review those things.
So you should try that out as well-the 20 minute principle that is.

So for the week, achieved all but two things -reading a new book and yes i bet you can guess the other one-learning a new language. I've not gotten around to doing that just yet.,sigh*

My plans for this new week

1. Focus on the little things
2. Read two new books (to make up for last week)
3. Engage in positive discussions.
4. See everyday as a new opportunity to be different
5. Eat healthy and workout
6. Blog,blog and .....
7. Learn a new language (hopefully)
8. Call up an old friend
9. Remember that time is money-get things done as soon as possible
10. Focus,focus and focus
11. Learn something new daily
12. Never stop dreaming

So there it is..
Remember it's not how much busy you are- but why you are busy that matters.
Be inspirational. Be whatever you want to be-you are the only one that can stop YOU.

Have a glorious week. Much Love!

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  1. Nice stuff man... Hopefully at the end of the year you'll be able to share some metrics with us?

  2. @DB,hopefully like you've rightly said,hehe!
    You are not going to hold me down for that if i don't share would ya?

  3. so what language in particular?

  4. Ah.. No... Just in the interest of global collaboration.. hehehe

  5. @*Dith*,french o! Any ideas? I've been meaning to download some french language classes from itunes though*

    @DB,i like the sound of that*

  6. Maybe you should just learn to speak gibberish..

    Noone will notice.. Trust me!

    I do it all the time. :D

  7. what language you trying to learn?
    me learning spanish. hand in hand! brushing up on my french....

  8. I do the whole goals thing.. I have maybe 5 journals..note pads. Constantly making lists. But I've been trying to read a book and each time, I just get a headache!..not cool. Holidays bring on laziness..


  9. i think i should start writing down my weekly goals!
    have a glorious week too

  10. i can see i was right , learn a new language is still there,
    hmm this 30mins thingie my not be a bad idea

  11. @Roc, you sure no one would notice?
    lol@ 'i do it all the time'..

    @chayoma,brushing up on french eh? Hnnnm, you and I we need to talk*

    @bob-ij,yes that is not so cool, just put in more effort you hear?

    @pink-satin,yes you should really. Nice week and thanks for dropping by*

    @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,arrrghh you remembered..shucks!
    And the '20 minute principle' is great-you should try it too*


  12. I like that quote. keep up the good work

    is it just me or has the new book reading been up there for a long time as an unaccomplished feat? Maybe, i just need to feed you the book for me to be assured you have read a new book.

    learn a new langage you say? ahhhh, me likey. Since you are almost always online, you can check the language institute or foreign language website and learn few words or sentences. With that, you can be sure of saying i learned a foreign language this week.

    have a great week

  13. Nice one! Do have a blessed week. ;)

  14. @naijagirl,ooh thanks for the heads up -would be sure to check those places out online. Would feed you the books i've read/reading ok? lol.
    Nice week*

    @ Tigeress, nice of you to drop by, nice week ahead!

  15. what's the 20 min principle?

  16. *Diane*,its just a little something i use daily to figure out where i'm going in life,if i am making
    much progress-spending at least 20 minutes daily going over thoughts,goals,plans,ideas -that sort of thing*

  17. *Diane*,its just a little something i use daily to figure out where i'm going in life,if i am making
    much progress-its all about spending at least 20 minutes daily going over thoughts,goals,plans,ideas -that sort of thing*


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