Sunday, May 10, 2009


Quote of the day:
I always tell the truth. Even when I lie -Scarface

What an eventful week that just went past. I was able to achieve most of my plans -except for the learning a new language part -again. Hmmmn!

Anyways, in my last 'To Do List' i mentioned the 20 minute's been great so far.
Before going to bed each night i evaluate my plans, dreams, goals and ideas.. i spend time to analyze and brainstorm on things i had come up with during the day. For instance i've been thinking up one or two business ideas and at the same time reading a book on 'Writing Business Plans'.
So i encourage you guys to try it out -'the 20 minute principle', whereby you spend at least 20 minutes a day to go over your goals, aspirations, to see the progress you are making with your career,relatinships with people, and so on.

So my plans for this new week:

Plans for the week

1. Continue with the 20 minute principle
2. Read a new book
3. Help someone in need.
4. Learn something new everyday
5. Blog, and blog
6. Work out
7. Give someone a helping hand
8. Learn a new language?
9. Smile and take things as they come.
10.Keep dreaming.

That'll do for the week ahead, and i hope to achieve all that.

Here's wishing you all a week full of possibilities!!
Remember that you are never fully dressed without a smile!
Be different. Be innovative.

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  1. I'm thinking you're a very good thinker...i'm going to try out the 20 min principle, see how it goes. What language are you trying to learn?

  2. good for you mehn. i need to read that book because i have so many ideas swimming in my head with nowhere to settle. who's the author? as ffor the new language, good luck with that. lol. i have been trying to learn yoruba for the past year. trying being the operative word. lol

  3. 20 mins might scare me out of doing that, especially as my new year resolution is not to think too much.

    dont mind me jare, get your poin. I used to do that and its pretty good; used to call it my reflection time as opposed to thinking time.

    i hope you achieve most of your goals this week

  4. All the best my dear with your plans.

    I'm with you on that one Bibi I'm trying to learn Yoruba too.

  5. Love #9,you take it easy..

  6. Love #9,you take it easy..

  7. hmmn...interesting...I will try it...thanx brov

  8. nice plans,
    hope u achieve them all,
    i foresee that "learn a new language" will be on that list for along while yet, good luck

  9. I'll try this everyday...It'll help me for sure

  10. Nice ideas..I need to smile more tru tru..
    hey i told ya learning a new language in a week is too hard, u need more time! lol

  11. how about learning a new language in a month :)

  12. @Miss Natural, aww isn't that sweet-i'm glad that you are thinking of trying that out too...
    I'm trying to learn french o, lol. Any ideas?

    @Bibi,keep trying you hear, i'm sure you' get there. Do you write your ideas down -you know that's the first step...thank you for dropping by*

    @naijagirl, doesn't have to be 20 minutes though -you could reduce it to 5 minutes...
    Reflection time sounds nice..hope you have a nice week ahead. Thanks*

    @Miss FlyHigh - LondonsNaijaQueen, oh you too? lol. Keep trying and you'll get there ok.

    @My World, thanks a lot -nice week.

    @Chari, you are most welcome*

    @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz, learning a new language uhn -yes it muight feature on that list prominently, lol

    @Shishi, very good to hear that you'd try it out.

    @Adaeze, yeah i know -it's not really about learning it in a week though, more of starting it already, hehe.

    @BSNC, yes i know. Ij ust need to start that's all i guess. How are you? Nice week ahead!

  13. I love french too, there was a blue book that put me on my french speaking path and was very successful. I can't remember the name of the book now and I know 'the blue book' is very unhelpful lol. I'll see if I can get the title, its 100% good.

  14. 20 minute principle. I'm in.

  15. Yes you do. I am okay, but really tired and busy. I will survive :)

  16. I'd like to start practicing this 20-min principle before I go to bed each night...hmm.

  17. @Miss Natural,oh thanks a lot-would appreciate that.

    @ochuko, yes all part of thinking outside the box. Wink*

    @BSNC,aww hang in there babes.

    @Jaycee, it's been fantastic so far - i know you'd find it to be too!


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