Thursday, June 11, 2009

Poetic Justice

Quote of the day:
Sincerity is the way of Heaven.

Today, I had been going through some of my old stuff again...
A Collection of writings...poetry, short stories, and or vivid thoughts.

You see, poetry for me was....
a sort of escape.
Scratch that. The only escape!

I battled depression with my poetic thoughts.

I would just write my feelings down, pen and paper in hand.
And anytime i wrote...
Time always stood still.

A family member had introduced me to poetry.
It was the year 2000. Or was it 2001?
She herself was used to writing poetry and stories, and encouraged me to start as well...

Since then i've never looked back...

I've come this far...thanks to many scenarios. Thanks to-

The close pals that i have written for in the past (something special for their loved ones).
The friends that wanted something nice (something to impress their girl).
Those that i used to write romantic letters to (back and forth).
Not to forget depression (i fought back with poetic thoughts).

I used to write dozens of poems daily...
I could look at the clouds in the sky and write pages of poetry on just that alone, lol.

I plan to publish some of my works when the right time comes...

By the way, don't you just dislike it when people send to your phone recyled text messages?
Back then, if i wanted to send you a lovely text message on your phone for instance, it would take me less than a minute to compose a message or something. And yes i have a thing against recyled text messages...

My shock knew no bounds when one day i got the same text message that i had previously sent out to someone else many weeks earlier. I had sent a text message to a friend -and believe it or not weeks later that same message was sent back to me by a totally different person.

It wasn't that shocking though- I've always been told by close pals how their friends react whenever they see some of my text messages on their phones....

It often goes 'Oh, this is soooo nice'....
Who sent this to you? .....can i send it to my phone please??

To this end i must say that is uncool. Recycling messages i mean.

Remember one or two of those lovely text messages you've gotten in the past on your cell phone? , So yea there is err a minute possibility that it actually came from me....
I'm just saying. Hehe!

Current Listen: Tupac -Changes (Acapella)



  1. LOL... Thankfully, I don't get lovey dovey text messages.. So they couldn't have comw from you..LOL.....

    Nice plan.. Keep writing man.. You've got game!

  2. I hope you publish them, they are really nice. you are talented, no doubt..

    lol@recycled txt. I used to be guilty of that o, i will not lie...

  3. uh uh uh, me me me, send me text too...I wanna say "awwww" too.

    honey, i am glad you are thinking towards publishing your work. I will be rooting for you.

    Now, why in the world would someone send me a text I sent them? I can understand mistakenly sending a mail, but text?

  4. @chayoma,claimed your spot i see..

    @DB,lovey dovey-lol..That sounds so...i dunno, lovey dovey!

    Thank you bro, i plan on doing just that!

    @BSNC,Hi ya! Aww that's touching. appreciate that, thank you.
    You used the word 'Used to be' lets pretend it never happened*

    @naijagirl,ye ye!
    Rooting for me, yay!!!

    Yeah why in the world...

  5. love changes acapella too! when is the right time? why not now? if you're as good as you say you are, give us some proof. *wagging eyebrows*

  6. I hate recycled messages too jare! especially when its from a guy. the crazy thing is having a guy who you know has no ounce of artistic abilities, send you text that says something about the chill in the air echoing the chill in his heart. pssaw! yeah right!

  7. @Plussize Goddess, Oh my you didn't just challenge me did you, hehe!
    Don't mind me jor, i'm just trying to sort out the ones i want published first*
    Nice of you to stop by, thanks*

    @Bibi,you got me cracking up o! lol!

  8. Poetry indeed is theraphy...

    It soothes the soul,
    encourages the heart to hold onto hope
    Introduces an outlook to life that is desirable and bright
    when all the writer can envisage
    are the shape of shadows in the midst of their night

    Poetry rocks... I hope you publish it soon.. trying to sort out a compilation of all mine myself... God help me. Have a great weekend. x

    Ps.. my book count continues.. lol... u can check my book club to see how many I have read so far.. now I have to give some books away in competitions as I am running out of bookshelf space... :-)

  9. Hi ya Remi. Love your take on poetry being therapeutic. You sorting out some compilations yourself i see-hey God help us all..

    Yes, i was going to ask about that book count of yours -i'll be sure to checkout your book club.

    Really? You've run out of bookshelf space must have a lot of books ;-)

  10. I am so rooting for you. Speed up the process so I can read your collections, lol.

    You remind me of me. I used to write and write and write and write. I started when I was 13. But i havent written a single poem in about 4 years now, I don't know what's up with me.
    Poetic justice the movie was my favortie one for years..I was so into Tupac and all his poems. I even wrote them on the walls of my room (seriously). Thanks for reminding me of these sweet memories.

  11. Thank you,knew i could count on your support.
    Woa,four years is a long time..but hey i guess it all has to do with one's state of mind as i admit i don't write as much as i used to as well.
    I loved the movie Poetic Justice too, and don't get me started on Tupac...

    It's my pleasure. Glad you have nothing but sweet memories*

  12. i hate recycled messages also..
    my BF is always doing it, its so annoying seeing as i take time to type out messages each time..
    u really have talent and it will e rewarding to read a collection of ur work someday.. look into it oh...

  13. @BBB, I'm really looking into it oh...
    Arrgggghhhh,recycled messages-yes i think that's the most annoying thing ever too!!!

    Nice of you to drop by,thanks*

  14. You have real talent, I admire that.
    Ummm can I like give you my # so that you can text me? :-D

  15. I hate anything recycled.. Texts.. Emails.. Tissue Paper..

    You shouldn't 'wait till the right time' before you publish your work..

    Cos there never is a right time.

  16. lol @ recycled texts..

    So..will u text me one day too?

    Yah like Roc said, there is never a 'right' time...

  17. Please publish your poems and do let us know when it's out..;)

  18. @Original Mgbeke,i appreciate that, many thanks. As for that #....Yes o!

    @Roc,time will tell*

    @Brokeass,there is never a 'one day'...hehe. It's now!

  19. I like this, a real insight into your mind and thought process. I hate forwards and recycled texts too...they irritate me. Thoughtless about if it was something I had thought of by myself being recycled. Keep on writing I're good.

  20. @blogoratti... yup I have run out of shelf space... so I'm having to be innovation and do a free book give away month.. anyone who sends me an email... first... with their details gets the book posted to them, whereever they are... within a week.. depending on postage.. :-)))

    Yup trying to compile my writing which has been around for like... forever.. indeed, God help us oh.
    Have a great weekend.

  21. ou should definately publish you wrtings cuz ur real;ly good.
    i dnt mind recycled txts soo much..its recycled emails that drives me up the i dont even read them, i just delete

  22. Ah, we thank God for writing/poetry. I also started writing when I was unhappy (immediately after I finished Sec. School and was bored stupid for months). You write good. (lol at the text bit).

  23. @Tay-mee,appreciate that. Will do*

    @Miss Natural,oh you flatter me with words. Thank you!!

    @Remi,that is a real great idea -the book giveaway that you mentioned...and you post to anywhere in the world they are? Nice! Have a fun weekend Remi*

    @Scarlet,hi ya. Thank you so much*

    Happy weekend everyone.

  24. lol. recycled texts i don't even respond to them. and you should definitely publish your works. you're one of the few poets whom i enjoy

  25. *Diane*, lol@ note even responding to recycled texts..
    Awww i'm really flattered that you'd say that about moi*

    Many thanks.


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