Monday, June 01, 2009

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My Silent Chant

Quote of the day:
I do not feel obliged to believe that the same God who has endowed us with sense, reason, and intellect has intended us to forgo their use.
-Galileo Galilei

How do i view the world in a different light, when darkness envelopes me deeply inside...
Outside all i see is the energy of birds...
wings light against the gentle breeze...

What ever happened to our innocence??
-a little kid in an adventurous world, a little child whose only delight was just butterflies...

At this moment someone cries..
culture dies...
tears dry...
nobody dares to try anymore these days...

nobody cares to fight for what is right..
do you...
would you?

Look at us now....we've grown to a far distant height. Unable to reach down for anything -not even our freedom of expression...
I look at people sometimes and it just feels as if i can see through...

See through their souls...
feed their hunger with my goals, running this race of life on my toes...
I yearn for that of which cannot be explained but better imagined..

Imagine if tomorrow started today...
now is the time..

run like the winds...
make the change, it's time....
if you are out there, tomorrow starts now...
can't wait any longer....
can you?

It is time...
It is TIME.

Current Listen: John Legend -If You Are Out There



  1. Change in the air!
    Yes i can....


  2. Second! yay!!...I'm liking this... run fast with it.. I'm embracing and achieving my dreams this step at a time and I realised that nothing ever really starts till you do something.

  3. i think the reason why, the 'innocence' seems to hv gone is cus, as you grow older you hv greater insight but the bigger issue is that you hv a choice; much like bob-ij; you need to do something to begin the process

  4. *I yearn for that which cannot be explained but better imagined*

    Thats a scary thot...

  5. @Chayoma,yes you can o!

    @bob-ij, yeah that's the spirit -embrace your dreams!

    @Devine,greater insight with age you say,hnnnnnm. Part of that could be true i guess.

    @Brokeass,hi ya! Nice seeing you on here. Nice week*

  6. its time to change........ and thats a great song ur listening to

  7. @Funms-the rebirth,yes that song is awesome..and it's time to make a change in our lives- thanks for dropping by*

  8. yes i am with you tomorrow starts today, this moment.

    I love John legend, have you heard his new album "evolver".

  9. change is the only thing that is guaranteed. We all have to move along with it.

  10. @BSNC,yes!! Beautiful album-'Evolver' John Legend. I dare say his best ever*

    @Nice Anon,move along with change,that's what we need to do -thanks for sharing that*

  11. B happy monday first and foremost....

    And Yes
    the time to make a change and adjust is now, the innocence goes away when we discard our sense of wonder and amazement...look at lil children, everyday is an adventure , filled with thoughts of exploring and find out. u know what is weird, that when people get older, they loose that....the innocent part, the part of us ready to take a step without second thoughts, the part of us that want to know and find out about everything...everyday i try to hold on to that little bit of innocence, we need our sense of wonder in tact inorder to face our fears and navigate thru the intricases of life.

    ur silent chants have got me chanting along....keep 'em coming


    i LOVE that G G quote btw, i wish alot of ppl will come to accept that. ignorance is not a virtue, the suspension of reason should not b the end goal.

  12. Beautifully Written!
    This easy to point out things that need changing... but the actual act of changing them..usually gets postponed to the distant and ever retreating tomorrow.
    Like Ij said, one step at a time...

  13. awww...touching.
    and i liked dat quote by galileo up there.happy new month.

  14. @CC,First all here's wishing you the happiest of months...
    You've said it all,especially about the part where we lose our childish innocence after we've grown up-whatever happened to that curious part of us-ready to try out new things..that is the question that needs to be answered.
    Glad that you approve,as i couldn't agree with you more..
    I'm liking that quote too, wink*

    @*Diane*,appreciate that and glad you like it...
    One step at a time will do*

    @leggy,touching eh? Thank you for that and dropping by.
    Nice week!

  15. What happened to my comment?

    ....Change is the only constant thing in life...

  16. @Enkay,what happened to YOUR comment??

  17. is this your original work? if so, its awesome, keep compiling these things for future publication. just remember my royalties

  18. @OPTIMISTIC_alyzzz,it's your time to shine, so go for it.

    @TayneMent,we can no doubt about that. Hi ya!

    @Ng,can't get more original than that,hehe. It was just stuff going through my mind that day- just had to write it down for y'all.
    Ahem,speaking of rayalties...


  19. DEEP! Real Deep and beautiful, and profound, and everything! You are a truly gifted writer!


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