Sunday, July 12, 2009

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Another Weekly Plan

Quote of the day:

Vanity of vanities, saith the Preacher; all is vanity. -Bible, Ecclesiastes xii. 8.

Hey folks,
This past week has been eventful
How much goals were achievable on your list...

My week was...
mostly a solution oriented one.
Getting past difficulties is always liberating.
All in all my plans were 90% achievable.

I wasn't able to read a book,yea. But i did work on a personal project, and i did call up a friend, amongst others...

So I was at service today and picked up a few valuable things one of which I'll share with you.
A line from the preacher went: 'Ask yourself,are you laying a very good foundation for your future right now'?

Food for thought right there.

My Plans For The Week
1. Go over my future plans again.
2. Set medium to long term goals.
3. Just be happy,no sense being otherwise.
4. Eat more. Workout more.
5. Blog and tweet :)
6. Read two books. (any ideas?)
7. Call a friend just to say 'how are you doing'?
8. Work on a personal project.
9. Never stop learning-and dreaming.
10. Experience peace.

So that's it folks. Have you made plans of your own?...go do it if you haven't already.

I'm currently listening to the album -BLACKsummer's night by Maxwell. Powerful work he's put together..nothing but meditative jamz. So be sure to check it out you Maxwell fans!

Boredom do something with yourself this week...
Remember, always practice humility and not vanity.

Have a marvelous week!!

Current Listen: Maxwell -Someone Stop The World



  1. blogoratti! u're talking to me oh. I dont even know something concrete that I've achieved this past wk. Imma need to step up my game this wk.

    Thanx for making me take a braincheck

  2. ...I hvn't really been setting weekly goals o, cos I dnt hve summer sch or anything, all I do is work n then chill. I guess I shd start regardless of how trivial they might be.

    I'm reading Message in a Bottle by Nicholas Sparks right now; let us knw when u finally decide on a book.

    Have a blessed week!!!

  3. @yinkuslolo,yup yup now you are talking. All the best as you make that big step..

    @UnderCover07,Nice to know you are thinking of starting..
    Still searching for a book,but would let you in on it once i lay my hands on it.
    Thank you and enjoy your week!

  4. I loveeeee Maxwell!

    Meanwhile I also love the quote of the day...everything IS vanity *sigh* so so true...

    Anyway hope you accomplish everything you want to accomplish this week :)

  5. Great post! I'm definitely gonna take some time out today to draw a plan for the week. Thanks to u!

  6. ..yah thanks for giving us all a brain check.
    Ever read Ake by Wole Soyinka?
    Im enjoying it right now.

  7. wow... the message at church was almost along the same lines. It was about spiritual maturity... and the question was "what are you doing daily to grow spiritually and physically" and "are you working on your plans, or just making a list of lists" .....

    I'm actually just about to go off and write my plans for the week and then present them to almighty baba for enablement oh. .. and I acheived 40% of my plans last week.. got to aim to do better this week.

    Have an awesome week filled with enablement to acheive all your aspirations. Much love

  8. 1.) Maxxxxxxxwell!!!
    I feel like buying ten albums to support that guy! such an under-rated artist!! I love him. Huge talent!!

    2.) what kind of books do you read?
    I recommend Sidney Sheldon!!! he is always a great read!. "The Naked Face" is one of my favourites. check it out!!!

    3.) Have a great week!!

  9. @Lolia,hey there..nice of you to srop by and do have yourself a nice week!!

    @48,welcome and glad to be of help. And hey,nice seeing you on here.

    @Fabulo-la,you are most welcome...and that Wole Soyinka-might just be on the lookout for that as well,many thanks!

    @Remi,ooh that's great to know..we all got to work on those plans of ours eh? Message is on point.
    And hey 40% is not bad,keep working on them you'll get there. Thanks for the encouragement, haev yourself a memorable week!

    @=♥...IamShhh...♥= ,Well at present i seem to be reading a whole load of inspiring books...but hey i am open to try new things so would be checking that 'Naked Face'..thanks for the heads up.
    Have a great week everyone!!

  10. That line really made me stop and think. Need to get around to doing number 1 & 2.

    Hope you have a solid week too. : )

  11. Love that someone stop the world track...will definitely go get his album.

    As for my plans for the week... i am stealing ur #s 3,4, 9 and 10....gonna apply those to my daily life infact!

    sidenote: please tell me u love maxwell's haircut....this look is so fuurrrnnnee on him, wldnt u agree?

  12. @Elusivebabe,good to see you getting around achieving those goals..enjoy your week,yea. All the best!

    @chayoma,yer you ought to check out that album-and his haircut? Hnmm i think i preferred his old look-but hey people change right?
    Nice week ahead!

  13. This is really worth thinking's true that boredom is such a waste of time, it is draining physically and mentally and to avoid it we need to set goals.

    Will check out Maxwell's music and books i recommend: Redeeming love by Francine rivers or white, red, black and green by Ted dekker...

    Thnx for stopping by my blog.I appreciate it!

  14. Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed week me dear! ;)

  15. I am so loving 3-no sense to be otherwise!
    Hope you get to achieve those plans this week.

  16. did you read the book i recommended?? Maximum Ride : James Patterson...
    And i listened to a few of the songs off Maxwell's Cd...nice..

  17. @The poets voice ~~~,will be sure to look out for those books you suggested,thanks for the heads up,and nice seeing you on here too.

    @Tigeress,hi ya. :)

    @My World,looking forward to having a fantastic week,hope you have the same too,thank you.

    @David C Brown,indeed if it's his will..appreciate your comment. Thanks for stopping by*

    @*Diane*,hello. lol,that book is still on my list for real..liking that maxwell eh,nice!

  18. Hey B CC here checking up on u..cuz u r a favourite of mine...going back to update myself on what i ve missed!!!! don't call this a comeback or drive

    and yes boredom kills...

  19. i love helps that he is hot!!

  20. loooove the week's plan...

  21. @CC,I hear you loud and clear,wink*

    @leggy,gotta luv him eh..?

    @Wana,thank you and do drop by again.

  22. So you don't eat a lot? yup I agree, add it to your to do list, eating is so important, especially the right food. Plus how great is it that you achieve 90% of what u set out to do!

  23. @Miss Natural,yea i've got a bad eating habit-but hey so do a lot of people eh?
    I just set my mind on doing things as fast as possible...that way i achieve more :)


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