Sunday, July 05, 2009

New Week Plans

Quote of the day:

Aim for success, not perfection. Never give up your right to be wrong, because then you will lose the ability to learn new things and move forward with your life. -Dr. David M. Burns

Hi folks.
Week went too fast or is it just me..?
I hope your goals were achievable during the week...

My week was....
mostly pleasant i must say.
All in all i think i accomplished 75% of my goals.

At the moment, i'm still going through the '1001 Ways to Be Romantic' By Gregory J.P Godek.
A line from the book reads: 5 minutes devoted to romance = 1 day of harmony.....
Think of all the times that your failure to do some little thing—like calling that you'll be late from work causes problems...Do Things something totally out of character. Always late?—Be on time. Not creative?—Think up something original and unexpected!

Makes a lot of sense eh?

My Plans For the Week

1. Be daring.
2. Be me. Confident, optimistic.
3. Learn from the past,live for the present.
4. Read a book.
5. Healthy eating, and sleep.
6. Blog, blog..and err Tweet!
7. Call up a friend just to hello.
8. Learn something new.
9. Move with high achievers.
10. Work on a personal project.
11. Dream big.

Remember,Learn from yesterday,live for today,hope for tomorrow.

The important thing is -to not stop questioning.(Albert Einstein)

Do something different. Have a glorious week!

Current Listen: Brandon Heath- Give Me Your Eyes



  1. Hi blogoratti how fast do you read?

  2. I like that line from the book...the little things do speak volumes.

    ...have a great week and here's to you reaching all your goals!

  3. Hello olaoluwatomi, i guess it depends on my mood yea. But i'd like to think i'm a fast reader.

    Repressed One,how are you? Little things do speak volumes i agree.
    I hope to reach all my goals this week,thank you for that-i hope you reach all of yours too. Have a glorious week!

  4. do u think i shld recommend the book "1001 ways to be romantic" to the men in my life? lol

    Hopefully u achieve what u set out to...
    have a splendid week... i knw i will!

  5. Oh wow so I never knew you did actual posts...I thought you just wrote poems and stuff :)

    Last week did go kinda fast...

    Meanwhile hope your week is fabulous...I start class again tomorrow so very much looking forward to not being jobless ;-)

  6. It's become "blog, blog..tweet"..*GASP* Have a good week!

  7. Loving the plans for the week, esp. number 10! That is me all day everyday!

  8. Have a blessed week me dear! I hope ur weekend was good. :)

  9. love the line from the book.

  10. @chayoma,yes you should recommend that...and maybe read up on it as well,hehe.

    @Lolia,yer i do other stuff aside from poetry...Good luck with your classes*

    @Tay-mee,gosh you noticed eh? lol. Blog,blog,tweet!! Let's go.

    @SouLBoutiQue,feeling that numba 10 are we...nothing like a personal project. Have a fun week while doing that.

    @Tigeress,weekend was a blast thank you. How are ya? Have a splendid week ahead!

    @Rene,you do uhn? Oh by the way i've got the ebook if anyone of you ladies are interested,i'll send it to ya*

  11. I like your weekly goals, but im curious how you manage to get everything done.
    You must have excellent time management.

    And yah I'll like d e-book if your offer is still open...:)

  12. @Brokeass,i just try to think of each day as one big exciting challenge...but i'm still learning how to manage time :)
    The ebook offer is still open..send me a mail( i'll forward it to ya!
    Have a good week!!

  13. Inspirational as always. Have a blesed week ahead.

  14. hope you accomplish all your goals! i'm waiting to cheer for you at the 90% and i found a longer jean jacket for

  15. @Jide Salu,thank you very much and nice seeing you on here.
    Have a glorious week!

    @*Diane*,aww nice to know u'd be cheering me on,hehe.
    Ah you found a longer jacket....that's awesome!!!
    So err, lets talk in private. :)


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