Tuesday, July 07, 2009

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Quote of the day:

The optimist sees the rose and not its thorns; the pessimist stares at the thorns, oblivious of the rose - Kahlil Gibran


see you..

Do you..
see me too?

I sense who you are...
And all that you are made of...

If time stops...
I'll be your tick...tock.

Moving left to right...
like a swinging pendulum.

I've been watching you...
Have you been watching me too?

Sometimes in life...
We search for what we already have.
We show what we do not possess..
We hide under emotional trees...swarming with bees.

If you want something..go for it. Commit to it..
Take a walk in the sands of time...
Drink from the cup.

I wish i had two more hands...
Just to give you 'Four thumbs Up'.

Nothing lasts forever...
But i'll still be here where you left me.

Current Listen: Plain White T's -Hey There Delilah.



  1. Love the quote mehn.. Its all a question of persepctive!

  2. Wow! Nice one. Especially the quote...

  3. Me likey......
    we shld thrive to be more optimistic in life....See the beauty of life itself and not the downs!

  4. I love all your quotes.
    True bout searching for what we already have.

  5. "We search for what we already have"
    True that...

  6. funnily enough, this almost made me cry. don't ask. but i still love it.

  7. couldn't decide if this was a romantic or inspirational poem. Either way, nice one.

  8. @akaBagucci,it's all about the perspective,yea.

    @Rita,glad you like the appeal.

    @chayoma,true that-optimism goes a long way..

    @Rene,hey thank you-glad you like.

    @Fabulo-la,Indeed we do. How are you?

    @kmplx,so you were saying it almost made...uhm okay i'm not asking,hehe. Nice to know it touched you in a special way,many thanks*

    @=♥...IamShhh...♥= ,why thank you.

    @Reverence,really? Good to hear that.

    Thanks guys.

  9. @TayneMent,hey i think there's a thin line between the two..how you?

  10. I also love the quote. That asides, the last two lines strike such a deep and beautiful chord; nothing last forever but i'll still be here where you left me. though tecnically its not quite true :)

  11. this is obviously abt a female. i wish u luck with

  12. I see the rose..
    I'm going for it!!

  13. Another blogoratti special!

  14. @Blogoratti and Miss Natural,

    Tis true that when the person returns, She (?) willnot find you where she left you...

    Like the pendulum,
    Never departing, ever faithful
    Though never in the same place for two seconds,
    Always moving
    Always keeping watch with clock work precision
    Yet ever faithful..ever waiting
    Till the moment when it can swing no more...


  15. @Miss Natural,you are right about the technicality..

    @miz-cynic,i like your confidence,hehe!

    @ochuko,go for it bro.

    @My World,thank you-far too kind.

    @ManCee,brilliant analogy..your understanding of the poem is on point. Thanks for dropping by*

  16. loved it..we see and perceive what we want to see and perceive.

    Thanks man!

  17. @joicee,we see and perceive what we want to...very true indeed.
    Good seeing you on here!


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