Monday, August 24, 2009

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Art In Your Heart

Quote of the day:
Never advise anyone to go to war or to marry.
-Spanish Proverb

Art: process or product of deliberately arranging elements in a way that appeals to the senses or emotions.

What is art? I love this image up there by photographer 'I must be dead'. The expression, the elements and dark colours-lovely!!

What is art? Reason why i like this image...
For one, it's full of contrasting colours....and deep meaning.
Eating butterflies-gives a whole new meaning to the phrase 'butterflies in the tummy'....

This one above has got this whole 'Circus' feel to it....
The ring, the painted face, hat, etc...

I Like the concept of this upper one -the body as an instrument that you play.

Kind of flows with my poem, here

You see your body was the violin..
your heartbeat was the drums...

Your thoughts playing like guitar strings..
A symphony of quick releases.
Entwined like conjoined twins..
A harmony of oblique mixes.

I sensed you.
I felt you.
I played you.

All images: I must be dead

What is art to you?

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  1. i could have sworn you updated today...

  2. i like the pictures too, i agree with you about the butterfly pics

    like the poem you wrote on the piano lady..

  3. I liked your poem at the end esp the last lines. The pictures made a whole lot of sense aswell. Good job!

  4. nice pictures. The circus pic lady looks like Heidi Klum. Hi 'ratti!

  5. didnt u just update?
    interesting pictures....

  6. ah! but that lady eating butterflies is a bit scary o! lol. First time here. Tight!!!

  7. Loved the poem...and the pictures...

  8. Beautiful art spoken in words..for the heart with a discernment..Nice..

  9. Art is anything that speaks to me...that moves me. It also makes me think and see things differently.

  10. BSNC: Yup i did. Twice :)

    Ebony~!*: Glad you felt that,thanks!

    TayneMent: Hey,hey! Guess who's back..been a while-nice seeing you on here. Did u finally make that trip?

    chayoma:Yes i updated twice :)

    Sugarking:haha,scary? Not for me mehn,lol. Good lookin' out bro.

    Ms. 'dufa: Knew you'd approve,thanks.

    Trybes: much love and thanks for the comment.

    Nice Anon: Couldn't agree with you you?

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  12. wow!
    this is one of the best blogs ive seen in a long time!
    i find it very inspiring. cos i kinda av a smilar vision for my blog. im getting there!lol
    nice work!

  13. oluwatoyin: I'm flattered that you'd find it so.
    Appreciate that,and hey hopefully you'd get to that place where you want yours to be as well,many thanks!!


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