Monday, August 24, 2009

New Week, New Plans

Quote of the day:

Many receive advice, few profit by it.
-Publilius Syrus

Hey folks. Woa, i haven't been up here in a minute...
Been off blogging for a while, doing some personal reflections and all, but hey it's glad to be back,yea! And for those blogs i haven't visited in a while -be doing that soon...

How y'all doing...missed me? No? Oh...
Previous week was interesting more or less...busy but not too hectic.
Plans were 100% completed. How far did you get with yours?

Currently reading: 'The Bootstrapper's Bible' by Seth Goding. (Thanks to Ochuko for that one).

The main focus of the book is starting a business with little or no money...nice read so far.

My Plans For The Week

1. Experience peace.
2. Focus. focus. Focus.
3. Read,learn more.
4. Blog more.
5. Continue with healthy eating.
6. Workout more.
7. Think different.
8. Call up an old friend.
9. Be grateful for the little things.
10.Keep dreaming big.

Remember -New week, new rules!
Have a fascinating week!

Current Listen: Andre Merrit -Funny Face



  1. Firssstttt!
    Well done for 100% of plans accomplishment!
    I did about 50%, need to step up!

    My list includes, peace, peace,peace
    Read 3 books this week - eek
    Blog post twice -- eeek
    Work on dat book
    Make at least one person happy, by showing practical love and compassion.
    God help me oh!

    Have a great and awesome week!
    Much love

  2. Damn, 100%
    I gats to step up my game then

  3. Remi: Hey! Peace it is. 3 books? Ah remi you are putting pressure on me,ahn ahn:)
    Make at least one person happy...i like that.

    Have a fantastic week,yea. Be you. be different.

    chayoma: you haven't seen the half of it,lol.
    How you doing? Nice week!

  4. new week, new rules. Indeed! Thanks for sharing these new rules and best of luck!

  5. i am among the few that profit fot it( i like the quote.

    how are you..

  6. SOLOMONSYDELLE: thank you for dropping by and do hope you have a great week!

    BSNC: Hey there. I'm doing very much alright,thank you.Nice week yea!


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