Monday, August 10, 2009

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Movie Monday

Quote of the day:

What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
-Oscar Wilde

I recall watching 'The Passion Of The Christ',and getting teary eyed. Directed by Mel Gibson and starring James Patrick Caviezel (he was struck by lightening during filming), it was one haunting movie i tell ya. Apart from it being so explicitly violent, it was just the kind of movie that you'd watch and not be yourself for a whole week....

Other movies that came this close to opening the flood gates include;
'Titanic' (Leonardo Di Caprio) -when Jack died.
'Gladiator' (Russel Crowe)-Toward the ending (and the haunting soundtrack didn't help matters),when Crowe's character 'General Maximus' was killed (Crowe's performance was totally awesome)
'Hotel Rwanda' (Don Cheadle) -Set during the Rwandan genocide of 1994, Cheadle's character 'Paul', helped to save a lot of fleeing refugees-granting them shelter inside his hotel.

Other movies include Ghost, Sixth Sense, Braveheart, Shawshank Redemption,and a host of others.

My Best Movie Twists
I enjoy twists in movies. I mean what's a good movie without a twist eh?
Might explain why i have a thing for horror flicks...

Sixth Sense
The unexpected twist at the end caught me unawares when i first watched it. Bruce Willis' character was actually dead the whole time? Jeez!

The Usual Suspects
Watched this movie again over the weekend, and i had to clap at the end of it. The final scene was where the twist the character 'Verbal Kint' was actually Keyzer Soze??-no freaking way!!!!


For me, Saw was simply incredible....and the plot was crazy!
Imagine waking up in a bathtub full of water, at one end of a grimy and disused bathroom. At the other end is another man -both of you chained by the ankle to the plumbing pipes. A corpse holding a revolver and a microcassette recorder lies on the floor between you...

Each of you discover tapes in your pockets labeled "Play Me".

From these tapes, Mr A. is told that he must escape the bathroom, while Mr.B is told that he must kill Mr. A before six o'clock, or else his wife and daughter will be killed and he will be left to die where he sits. They find hacksaws, though neither is sharp enough to cut through the chains. Mr. A breaks his and throws it away in frustration. Mr. B realizes that the saws are not meant for the chains, but instead for their feet.....

The twist was too wicked,haha.... i mean how could that corpse(Jigsaw) not be dead the whole time??

What are your best movie endings?

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  1. Out of all of that, i've seen titanic and a lil of hotel rwanda. Titanic made me teary eyed too. My best movie twist has got to be The Illusionist. The twist was UNBELIEVABLE. If you havent seen it then you really should. xo

  2. Gladiator is sooo my movie. I watch it over and over again! As for SAW.. nope, I'm not into that blood-y scene!

  3. i enjoyed braveheart eventhough i can not really remember the I loved the three movies mel gibson did that year. Brave heart, the patriot and war something, can't remember the name...

  4. I cannot get through SAW. I just cannot watch it. Too gruesome for me.

  5. I never did see "Passion of the Christ." I have a dvd [unopened] here and just never got the nerve? to watch it. Loved Gladiator.

    ...umm I really can't think of any movie at the moment...i suck at remembering movie titles off the top of my head...

  6. @Ms. Dufa,i think i must have seen the Illusionist although can't recall being in awe of it...

    @bob-ij,Hehe hey it's just blood..

    @BSNC,last movie you meant was 'We Were Soldiers'..?

    @Nice Anon,tsk tsk and i thot you had my back on that one :)

    @Repressed One,go on and watch...

  7. Interesting..I have seen the passion of Christ and I was dumbfounded by what Christ suffered for us so that we may have life...
    I have seen Titanic and The sound of music..
    A few favourites of mine are: Cat on a hot tin roof, Casablanca,..etc
    I'm yet to see Gladiator..

  8. lool yea got it. we were soilder. where do my brain go to these dayz..

  9. I loved Shaw shank redemption!!
    Passion of the christ was aight...i didnt me it was like watching Jesus of Nazareth!!lol
    I like Wale "chilling"

  10. nice- so u're a movie person too. I've seen all the movies u've mentioned except for Saw. i'm anti horror movies.
    Nice one!

  11. Haven't seen Hotel Rwanda..
    I'll be looking out for it now..

  12. @pink-satin,you didn't cry uhn...ok ok i didn't too :)

    @Tigeress,yeah i'm a movie person. lol@anti-horror..

    @RocNaija,it's a good one bro,a must see*

  13. I did not watch Saw, but for the rest, I agree with you that they had fantastic twists...The Usual suspects...I dont know how they thought of that twist.

  14. i totally agree with the list..thovse are d movies that open the floodgates for me.i even watched breveheart again two weekends ago and stil cried..hmmm..i sabi cry for movie eh. the tears wil run till everyone will be telling me, 'it's only a movie o'
    funny, i don't cry like that in real life

  15. @Rita,that was perhaps the mother of all movie twists,hehe.

    @histreasure,great movie that.
    lol@'it's only a movie o'..

  16. ..Thank God you said "think"...if you had seen it, then you'd feel differently. Trust me.

  17. @Ms. Dufa,okay guess i have to trust you on that!

  18. For twists... the illusionist is okay but I kinda expected a grand conspiracy of some sort so i wasnt too surprised..... The usual suspects is the baddest film of this generation...that was oure genius...
    The others'when Nicole kidman discovers that she and her children are the ghosts...Great!!
    I cried myself to sleep the first time I saw titanic.... Why Why Why did Jack have to die....:(


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