Sunday, August 09, 2009

Plans For The Week

Quote of the day:

You cannot be mad at somebody who makes you laugh - it's as simple as that.
-Jay Leno

Hey everyone!

How did this past week go for you?
Mine was quite busy,chasing goals as usual. Didn't really get to blog much,my laptop was acting up but i nipped that ish in the bud,lol..

Currently reading: Maximum Ride by James Patterson.
The book was suggested to me by diane (i'm finally reading it, thanks to you). It's actually a fiction/fantasy series and has 5 titles in it. I've begun reading the first one: 'The Angel Experiment', and so far it's been simply mind blowing....

For the book lovers out there-what books have you been reading lately?

Plans For The Week
1. Be ready.
2. Be certain, be confident and positive at all times.
3. Never let anyone get me down.
4. Take 10-15 minute walks everyday.
5. Blog,blog,tweet!
6. Eat healthy.
7. Workout more.
8. Call at least 5 friends daily.
9. Work on a personal project.
10. Never stop dreaming big.

Those are my major plans for the week, i hope you've made yours as well.

It's a week to exceed, outdo, surpass, and transcend yourself. Be better than you were a week ago.
So go out there amigo and put in your very best!!

Remember You cannot be mad at somebody who makes you laugh - it's as simple as that.
Nice week!

Current Listen: Lupe Fiasco- Hip Hop Saved My Life



  1. Just got done with 2 Jackie Collins novels bout to tackle Half of a Yellow Sun. You have a good week too.

  2. Hey.. yaaay, and here is the plan! lol..

    Wow.. I like the first one, it's phrophetic even - Be ready, for anything and everything. I will steal and add to mine. :-)

    My last week was quite busy, I am happy to say I got at least 50% of the plan done, so now this week I have 50% to carry over along with the plan for this week - making it 15 tasks.. eeeek!
    Books, lately I read, reposition yourself - TD Jakes, perfect weight america, purpose driven life, project management office toolkit, presentation skills. This week plan to read, The book theif (for a book review), God's big idea by Myles Munroe, some book about Finance(not sure which one) and some tools about Brand names! phew...

    Have a great week, and yup never ever stop dreaming... BIG! x

  3. Reading "Shall We Tell The President"- by Jeffery Archer..Quite boring, but I'm reading. I'll take a cue from you and start listing plans for my week!
    Have a lovely week.

  4. 5 friends daily?? I'd run out of people to call by the first day lol

    I have a couple of books i could start on, don't know which i will read yet, if any.

    Have a great week ahead. I trust you will let us know how you did with your goals.

  5. i am off reading as i am studying for exams (ask me what i am doing here? lol)
    Last book i read had to be Angels and Demons- Dan Brown.

    Lupe Fiasco is the ish! Now kick, push....

  6. Currently reading The Street Lawyer by John Grisham.
    Have a lovely week

  7. One word - well two*grin* David Ellis - he just knocked John Grisham off the top of my list for that genre. "In the company of liars", "line of vision", "eye of the beholder" - u should check em out. Spent the whole of my weekend with New moon - tah! I think I'm just dreading the fact that school starts in two weeks*grimace*

    Oh well have a bunz week mister.

  8. @TayneMent,Half of a yellow sun-was reading that at some point,never got to finish it though..
    Nice week!

    @Remi,hey you.
    Ah 50% is you read all those books recently uhn! Impressive,i must add..
    Thanks,nice week and never stop dreaming yea!

    @Ms. Dufa,used to be an Archer fan and i think i must have read that book...

    @Repressed One,haha you crack me up...running out of people to call the first day,classic!

  9. Ahhh..Thanks for this yet again..Needed the reminder to improve my relationship with friends...I've received some not so decent complaints lately..

    Currently reading "You must set forth at dawn" by Soyinka,"The bride price" by Emecheta, and reviewing "The famished road" by Okri...

    Have a wonderfully Productive week..Hopefully, we all acheive all that we have set out to...:D

  10. @chayoma,what are you doing here:)
    Lupe fan? No way!!
    Yeah i read that Dan Brown's...good lokin' out!

    @Rene,Street Lawyer-great book by Grisham. Enjoy your week,thanks!

    @48,hmmmn nice. Many book lovers on here..i'd be sure to check those out too,thanks for the heads up,yea*

    @Rose,you are most welcome on the reminder thing...
    Hope you get around to making things happen this week-goals,friends and all.

    Thank you!

  11. Reading currently
    The Apocalypse Watch by Robert Ludlum
    should be working on my business plan though.
    hi! ur poems are brilliant, i really think so on impulse.

  12. I am reading this book by one kelly guy. he is a new author, but he is a funny writer. Name of the book " no more Mr. nice guy..

    have a wonderful week.

  13. I love your number 10 (Never stop dreaming big)...Better do it!


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