Saturday, August 29, 2009

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My Revenge and Yours

Quote of the day:

Live well. It is the greatest revenge.
-The Talmud

If today didn't turn out as planned for you..
Tomorrow, you can change all that.

Why not?

Revenge again and again...
Against everything...
Against everyone.


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  1. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! revenge is not right! :)

  2. lol..who come make blogarrati dey vex like this?lol

  3. na the same thing i dey wonder oh

    revenge isnt necessary my brother.....let karma do the work...its more interesting that way..:)

  4. You dont take up your own fights when you know there is a greater being around to take up your cause..

    Each time we do, we lose but it appears to us like we win...but only in the short run..

  5. Dude did I already say that I heart you? If not, here goes: I heart you!

    Living well truly is the best revenge! Being your best, keeping at it, repelling hate, and keeping your peace in the face of all kinds of things is the best way to stick to haters....tehe excuse the hyper(ness)

  6. I don't know about this karma thing you speak of iphy. Some people seem to have a vaccine for it.

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  8. revenge is not that sweet, it might be sweet at first, then you feel guilty...

  9. the day definitely did not turn out as i had lying in bed in a hate-life mood and this post is just perfect..but i doubt im courageous for revenge lol.

  10. Vengeance is mine
    says the Lord

    resolve your feelings

  11. @everyone: Em,thought the quote should have given you guys a hint...tsk tsk. Positive revenge i meant,lol.
    And no-NO one vexed me :)

    48:You got the message perfectly didn't well-Being your best, keeping at it, repelling hate...nice!

    Did someone mention Karma..And there's a vaccine? Hehe...

    And then there'e negative revenge,but that's a story for another day,wink*

  12. bonnie: Yes i think you have the courage to revenge-all you need to do is live well...

    But i'll be sure to remember all your advice guys: Ebony~!*,iigurl,Trybes,BSNC and Tisha-ahem just in case!

  13. lol... I got the hint... revenge on yesterday for not letting you do what you were supposed to by doing it today!...I rock..! I'm joining you on mars blogoratti!!

  14. Ok this is a new take on revenge that I never thought...hmmmmm

  15. bob-ij: Yes!! Revenge on yesterday,yep yep.
    Mars bound we are,lol.

    Fabulo-la:Now you err spread the word. Hehe!


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