Sunday, August 30, 2009

Plans For The Month

Quote of the day:

The goal of life is living in agreement with nature.

Hello everyone.
Guess the week went by in a flash uhn..i'm telling you days be running like F1 cars.
All in all, hope you had an interesting week.

Overall, i think i had 80% of what i planned out to achieve last week.
As for my plans for the month of August, i can say i had 90% of plans done.

It's the beginning of a new month, and what i have planned includes:

1. Review my plans for the year (4 months left,arggh!!).
2. Work on a personal project.
3. Work harder.
4. Manage time better.
5. Never take NO for an answer.
6. Make small things happen in a big way.
7. Keep dreaming BIG!
8. Blog more.
9. Live a day at a time.
10. Never lose focus.

Remember,life is what you make it....
Wishing you folks a month of celebrations!!

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  1. Oh true a new month is about to begin! Hmm time for an action plan for myself.

    Make small things happen in a big way. I like that!

    Happy new month!

  2. miss.fab: Hey!
    Hope you go through with that plan of yours-thanks for checkn in*
    Have a successful month!

  3. Happy new month. Hope u succeed in all you plan to do.

  4. Gadem the year is almost over again?


    Im not taking No for an answer anymore o!
    The Lord is my strength...

    Thank u jere...B'ratti

  5. yaayyy december is almost here, i can't wait to go homeee!!! Yupp never stop dreaming big! Thats when everything starts crumbling down!

  6. man, the month is already over. have a wonderful week ahead

    i like the quote as usual.

    uh uh uh quick questions---the house pics below--are those our future houses?

  7. I swear this year flew by! Kai

  8. Nice foresight--Hope your able to accomplish all your dream list..

    Best wishes and thanks for checkin in earlier...

  9. wishing you a wonderful month..

  10. omg christmas is almost here..where did 2009 run to???
    have a great monh too. xoxo

  11. Ms. 'dufa: Looking forward to doing just that,thanks.

    Fabulo-la: Almost over is not stating the truth-it IS over,lol.
    And hey,you are welcome...have a great week!

    Ebony~!*: Did you say crumbling...

    naijagirl: Hey,thanks for that. And yes!!!! futuristic house-you like eh?

    Nice Anon: Hey no swearing here :)

    Trybes: Thank you,far too kind. Be successful in this new month. Cheers!

    BSNC: Hope you have a great one too,many thanks.

    bonnie: Yup yup. Good lookin' out-appreciate that.

  12. Can't believe we're entering the 9th month... Thanks for the wishes lol

  13. Summer is ova? Here comes Fall in all its glorious colors.
    i am moving residence BIG CHANGES!
    Have a successful month ahead...
    *i just wanna be, i just wanna be SUCCESSFUL *

  14. Suru: Unbelievable but are welcome and have a good week!

    chayoma: All the best as you do that,BIG CHANGES indeed,lol.

  15. Its a new month already,how time flies. Was going tru ur posts and ur poems are wow. .. Happy new month.

  16. latishababy,Really? Nice of you to drop by..

    sunnyside: month-new rules of engagement. Hope you make the best of it- and hey thanks for your kind comments.

  17. Yeah....A new month and time to venture into new things.

    Blog more is definitely on my agenda.
    Cool blog, I certainly would come back.

    Keep it up.

  18. josephekwu: Spreciate your stopping by-thank you for that.
    Happy new month!

  19. Happy new month to you too, I like your list. I should do one too.

  20. Myne Whitman: Hey thanks a lot,and yea you really should do one.
    Great month!

  21. Wishing you a wonderful time in the Ember months.

    Lovely poem

  22. happy new month to you all on Blogsville,love your plans for the last quarter of the year,yeah we all have to blog more to improve our skills

  23. The Girl with the Red Hair: Nice seeing you on here..and hey have a happy september!

    muyiwa: Feel you on that... Good lookin' out bro!

  24. Wow 90%! You're quite the achiever, ain't ya? Good luck this month o. Happy new month :)

  25. you got 25 comments
    i am jealous
    why doesn't anyone come to my blog any longer
    looking to be noticed
    used to whine when i was 16
    not any longer

  26. Are you serious? That was a mere figure of speech

  27. Great to meet someone with plans!
    That used to be me.

  28. Butter: Hey you....i try,i try.Hehe!
    Thanks for dropping by and wish you a fruitful month!

    Tisha:Watchout for the comments..Everyone take note-Tisha ain't happy so visit her blog and leave comments!!

    Nice Anon: Haha!

    tobenna: Used to be..hnnm, watever happened? Anyways hope you have a great month,yea!

  29. A new month . . . the beginning of the last quarter of the year. Oh, how time flies. I've got loads of plans and I'm really praying God grants all (at least most of) my wishes. Nice plans you got so far. positive stuff, mahn!

  30. Geebee: Wishing the same for myself and everyone else too. Work hard to achieve what we want and all...thanks for sharing!


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