Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jar Of Truthful Lies

Quote of the day:

I'm an idealist. I don't know where I'm going, but I'm on my way.
-Carl Sandburg

I spy.

You see even after...
After all the goodbyes.

I don't like a good surprise.
I saw you and i didn't mind the cries.

Isn't love the greatest prize?
Fireworks and rainbows in the skies.

I was once told by someone wise...
There's a thing line between truth and lies.

I spy.
Jar of truthful lies.

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  1. Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!

  2. this was soooo good and yet true....especially theres a thin line between truth and lies!

  3. i love the oxymoron...jar of truthful lies.

  4. I love the way you use simple words to carry very weighty meanings..

    Correct me if im wrong but is this a case of love and hate?

  5. jar full of truthful lies...
    there are a lot of those walking around!

  6. I like this poem a lot... there really is a thin line

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Ebony~!*: hey hey!!!

    leggy: Shucks thanks.

    Trybes: Appreciate that. Yes there;s love-but hate? I think more of it as deception,manipulation even. All in all there are a dozen different meanings to that poem (if you read meanings into it).

    chayoma: lots and lots i tell ya!

    Suru: I'm happy you like.

  9. its difficult to get under the skin of this one...

  10. i so dig this as well as relate to it..
    yes, there really is a thin line, indeed sometimes it looks like there's no line at all, one flows into the other and its difficult to know where one ends and the other begins..truth n lies, life n death, love n hate..
    that's deep, man, deep

  11. okay
    whats the title again

    (stalking) blogs like olufunke

    okay jars of lies. good poem.
    thin line btw truth and lies except u r used to telling the truth then the boundaries are clear.

  12. Now, that's PHAT! Nice lyrics and great rhythm. The deep meaning is definitely not lost on the reader as well. Lies and truths are not just separated by a very thin line . . . In fact, it is an invisible line. Deep stuff, man! First time here.

  13. LovePaprika: I know :)

    histreasure,good looking out. Many thanks!

    Tisha: lol@whats the title again..and yea except that*

    Geebee: First time? Awesome!
    Invicible line it is...appreciate your being here*

  14. i like this and the rhymes flowed too. Nice

    How you doing..

  15. There is indeed a thin line between truth and lies, but how are we to detect this in everyday life?

  16. BSNC: I'm doing just fine thank you. Glad you like...

  17. I like this poem. conveys a lot of meaning

  18. Blogoratti this creative mind is drifting even further from earth. I wish I could think such deep thoughts. Half truths are lies...so I'm sure that' what the jar is filled of!

    p.s. did anyone on Mars answer?!

  19. Jar of truthful lies..love it!

  20. lol
    Aint we all...
    Anonymous bloggers we are...

  21. Rose: Hey thanks for dropping by.

    Have you any wool: Many thankts,yea.

    bob-ij: Nah no answer from mars yet:)
    Good lookin' out. Apprecite that,wink*

    Buttercup: Really? Awesome.

    ManCee:lol@that chuckle..yep yep.


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