Monday, September 28, 2009

Chasing Goodbyes

Quote of the day:

We shall find peace. We shall hear the angels, we shall see the sky sparkling with diamonds.
-Anton Chekhov

I was am
A dreamer
I'm not
The only one.

I am was your enemy
Lurking around
Your heart
Now we dream together.

Didn't want
to see you go leave
So i left stayed without
Saying hello goodbye.


  1. Your poems always have something going on, so what's with the canceled out words?

  2. Lol you can just tell by your poems that you are a private person.

  3. Bellied with meanings for a discernin mind.Good sturv bro!

  4. Im still trying to figure out how you use such simple words to belly such heavy meanings...?

    i have to study ur poems one of these days....

  5. I agree with Fabulo-la...

    how r u doing?

  6. MW: What's with the cancelled out words? Ehm...

    TM: You can can't you :)

    Fab: Hi ya. Appreciate that.

    Trybes:Good lookin' out,yea!

    Anoda Phase: Hey maany thanks for droppign by. I'm doing great actually,hope you are too?

  7. Your poems comes with a difference, I really need to take time to get the underlying messages.

    Please whats with the cancellations

  8. The Girl with the Red Hair: Whats with the cancellations?
    Myne Whitman asked that too..

    There's an underlying meaning to those canceled words...they can be disregarded or vice versa.

  9. I agree wit fabulo-la...ur poems sometimes need serious studying.


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