Monday, September 28, 2009

New Week Plans

Quote of the day:

The happiness of a man in this life does not consist in the absence but in the mastery of his passions.
- Alfred Lord Tennyson

Hey folks.
How is everyone doing out there. Hope life's been fair to ya.

I haven't been up here in a bit,but hey guess y'all are doing great!!

Past week was not hectic,but i was tired all the same. Running about chasing dreams and all...phew! So no workouts and little or no blogging(my bad)-yep it was one lazy week i tell ya!

All in all i'd like to think i achieved at least 70% of everything i had planned out. Hope you had much better luck in that area...

Been listening to a lot of nice audio and video podcasts lately.
One of which is the Moth audio Podcast. The Moth features people telling true,engaging,funny stories from their lives. Stories are told without notes to a large audience by a wide range of people...

Plans For This Week
1. Be more organized.
2. 20 minutes of meditation daily.
3. Sleep more.
4. Blog often.
5. Buy some new threads.
6. Work on a project design.
7. Call up an old friend.
8. Never stop learning.
9. Be ambitious.
10. Dream big. Yes!

My plans for the week. Written yours yet?
You can be anything you put your mind to-never let anyone tell you otherwise.

Enjoy the week-do something different!

Current Listen: Jay-Z Feat. Pharell- So Ambitious



  1. Lemme see...

    To sleep early and not at 4am in the morning or 9am sometimes and listen to new music. And I'm good! You? Why aren't you in that Blogger Bachelors list? Or are you married? Lol!

  2. Lady X: Hi music sounds cool. Ah that list-got a mail that i was nominated many weeks back.
    Clueless about the whole thing i must say..nice week!

  3. You should go check it out! It'd be interesting to see your answers to some of the questions :D

  4. Lady X: Seen. I err will try to check it out.Thanks for the heads up!

  5. Actually thinking of something to do that might be different, and i am just realizing my life is so routine. i like the 'call up an old-friend' part. i am beginning to loose all of mine. when i see a bachelor I in blogsville gist, i'd know you are the one

  6. HYAW:yes we all live routine lives eh? Doing something different changes the dynamics...i'd like to think we all can be different this week.

  7. Umm....
    I wont booth my computer until 12 noon this week, except its highly important and if i do, will strictly be music and microsoft word.

  8. Have a wonderful week and keep your head on the marks you set! keep dreaming, wonderful schedule!


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