Tuesday, September 01, 2009

The Prayer (I)

Quote of the day:

All animals are equal but some animals are more equal than others.
-George Orwell

In my mind i already lost this...
Living this life whose purpose is ?
If the wind should cease my breath would freeze.
In this world no man can be said to be truly free.

And I had to put in writing a thought a whisper...
A chorus a beat.
A choir elite...
Life always edges out the weak.
Pure words linger with mystique.
Man to woman conceive populate the world..
Whatever could have caused man to ever fall.

I need a new reason to be able to live.
I need new answers God can you hear me speak.
I'm a captive of my own losses on the high seas.

If this life is all there is to see..
If pain is all there is to feel.

If dreams are interpreted and calls are intercepted.
If the mark is just a state of mind not a visible sign.
Midnight hour clock ticking i pray while i kneel.
People places, this life is so unreal.
Always aiming for shadowy figures.
If God is for us who can be against us.

Current Listen: The Fugees -Killing Me Softly.



  1. Be strong brotha..Usually, the answers we seek arent too far drawn away from us..I guess it only takes a lil patience and perseverance to read betweenn the lines,to be able to decipher where the answers we seek lie. I feel the pain in your words and trust me when i say that your silver lining is only a few yards away..

    Very beautifully written..

  2. Gods ways are not our ways so we may not understand why things happen the ay they do, If we understood the complexity behind them, God would not have His place. Hold tight! He is for you so no1 can be against you. Good stuff!

  3. I totally read this as a poetry performance in my head... you know, with the impassioned voice and all.

    If God is for us, nobody can be against us!

    Good stuff!

  4. Good stuff, me likey and thanks for sharing.

  5. There are several reasons to live... Look around you. Although I someimes wish he will come down and answer my questions so I will know for sure rather than waiting on time.. You know what i mean?

  6. TRYBES:Only a few yards away-got to remember that. Thanks for the inspiring words!

    Ebony~!*: Holding on tight...

    miss.fab: Feel you on that... Many thanks.
    Myne Whitman:Most welcome-nice seeing you on here!

    Nice Anon: Yea i know what you mean..

    The Girl with the Red Hair: Appreciate that.

  7. God is never wrong
    speak to him and stop asking questions
    question never helped any1

  8. Tisha:Hear you loud and clear,good lookin' out. How you?

  9. Am sure he can hear you., and he will give you a new reason to live and also enjoy living.

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. sunnyside: I'm sure of that as well,many thanks!

  12. Hmmmm, more deep stuff . . . True, God's got our back no matter the whether or whatever anyone says. na who born the maga?

  13. Sad. sometimes it happens like this and we have to find answers. there are always answers, even when there are no answers, there would always be reasons. we can never run out of reasons to live. It always comes. I'm sure

  14. Geebee:Haha,feel you on that. Thanks!

    Have you any wool: Never run out of reasons..no doubt*


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