Friday, November 06, 2009

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When Worrying Is A Good Thing

Quote of the day:

Keep your fears to yourself, but share your courage with others. -Robert Louis Stevenson

It's quiet outside.
But still i hear the unmistakable sound of a plane flying overhead....

People often say...everything will be fine-do not worry. But still i chose to worry. I have to worry. I always need to think things through you know what i mean?

If you've never gone through what i have gone through-why give me advice?

Why tell me how to do something...when you've never done it yourself. So i choose to worry,because you know why? Worrying is not all that bad. To you worrying is a complete waste of time. I'm sorry if i don't share the same sentiments as you do...

Don't worry about things you can't change they say.

But what if they had been wrong all along....?
What if worrying is all that was needed in the first place to start a change process.

Do i worry about things i can't change? Yes.
See i worry about the world...and how to make it a better place.
I know i can't change how the world is by worrying...

But i can certainly try.

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  1. hmmm, i'd have to say as long as the worrying does not hurt your brain, then worry on, lol... Otherwise ahhh it hurts too much!

  2. Why tell me how to do something...when you've never done it yourself


  3. very true... if none of us worried, then nothing would ever get done and things would spiral out of control... *lifts glass*...a toast... to the worriers!

  4. *hopes*

    Worrying is my middle name. i worry abt the little insignificant things (to others) u have no idea.

    But if my worrying cld change the outcome?
    well heck ya!
    i'll keep on worrying :)
    Interesting one

  5. Very thoughtful piece,,just like you i worry alot but sometimes it isnt all that is needed but action to project us into the future

    Nice one bro..keep changin the world through your thoughts and your pen..

    Have a happy weekend!

  6. Lols... I really like this post. But worrying is not that productive. It is good to plan ahead (and pray about it), but worry? Kai mba.

  7. @everyone: thanks for sharing those thoughts. Nice!

  8. Chai Blogo has killed it again!

  9. ok its official. i love ur blog.
    yeah, i can't stop worrying too..even though i know it pro'ly wont change a
    but yeah basketful of worries = pimples, lack of sleep, stress.

  10. @Shels: Awww thank you.
    And lol@basketful of worries = pimples, lack of sleep, stress. Hehe!


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