Monday, November 16, 2009

Poem: Flower In The Midst Of Thorns

Quote of the day:

The less their ability, the more their conceit.
-Ahad HaAm

This flower that grows.
Not deeply in the earth.
But alas steeply in concrete.
I should know.
I come across it daily..
I watch it struggle..

And i think just..maybe
I see the petals fall off.
For a flower life is also tough.

This flower that grows.
In the midst of thorns.
In the comfort of our homes.
Sleep through a new day, a new dawn.

Current Listen: Boyz II Men- Yesterday



  1. Hmmnn... For a weird reason.. i feel like a flower in the midst of thorns

  2. This flower. Could personify love or marriage or many other things. I wonder which it is...

  3. @everyone: appreciate your comments.

  4. i guess am a flower growing in concrete
    excelling against all odds

  5. @BBB,yes you are. Never forget that :)

  6. Another beautiful quote and poem. B2M are also a fav band.

  7. The poems are simply beautiful...

  8. @MW: Many thanks and hey glad you like..
    @Rita: Appreciate your dropping by.

  9. @b'ratti
    don't know what it means
    but know i love the poem.
    Writing is a means of expression
    knowing i can't sing to save my life
    i write



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