Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poem: Shall We?

Quote of the day:

When we are born, we cry, that we are come
To this great stage of fools.
-William Shakespeare

Shall we set forth at dusk.
Silent like lambs.
Footprints under street lamps.

Shall we ask for directions.
Lost like sheep.
But not enough for us to lose sleep.

Shall we excavate the earth.
Probing for truth.
Alas we run out of places to look.

Shall fate define destiny or...
Mold a future.
Missing is vengeance's mirror.

Shall we sit idle.
While we seek for liberty.
Shall we?

Shall we go...
Do you know.
Are you ready.
Shall we?

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  1. this question is to be or not to be? collectively or individually?

  2. Yes o, am ready!!!!
    as always u write beautifully

  3. I think we're ready, let's go. LOL

    Another thoughtful one...

  4. i really love this one.
    When u become a famous poet,u r dedicating a poem to me :)

    One of ur best! very insightful,grande.

  5. Probing questions-Hopin that we dont seek for answers in the wrong places..

    Thoughtful..and thanks for your words earlier..One love..

  6. very nice - i have learnt that when i have questions i ask God for answers and he always deliver - maybe that might help

  7. very nice hun... the everlasting question of to be or not to be...

  8. @m1ke:both i should think. Nice seeing you on here.

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Appreciate that.

    @muyiwa: Lets..

    @Scarlet: Why thank you,nice to see you around again.

    @MW: I think we are :) Thank you.

    @chayoma: hi ya! That's so touching,and err yes i'd be dedicating one just for you,hehe.

  9. @TRYBES: Most welcome bro,keep ur head up.

    @Shels:hey nice of you to be here. Many thanks!

    @neefemi:Appreciate that. Thanks a lot.

    @Fierce:Glad you like,great of you to drop by.

  10. thats the way to go mate.. out with the old.. in with the new...

  11. "Missing is vengeance's mirror".

    B'ratti, i used to consider myself highly intellectual but this is really good.

    To the rest of you, i am clueless about the first line, just say what you think it means.
    vengeance's mirror is missing, what does that mean? to me it means peace or what? like i said i am clueless and i like to figure things out.



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