Saturday, November 21, 2009

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Style Saturday

Quote of the day:
The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good is my religion.
-Thomas Paine

German architectural firm J. Mayer H
-completed the Steckelhörn 11 building in Hamburg.

Designed by: J. Mayer.H

I assume y'all are doing great. Have a fun filled weekend yeah!!

Site of the day: G00g4 (Opens four Google windows in one page)

Current Listen: Beyonce Feat. Kanye West- Ego



  1. Very.....indeed. Nice weekend yea.

  2. Good stuff mehn.. Are you an Architect?

    I think I need the four-in-one-google page.. Maybe I can sign into all my google accounts in each pane!

  3. we're listening to the same song!! :)
    thanks for dropping by my blog ^^

  4. Omo which kind crib be dat? I'ld need to be high 24/7 to stay there. lol. Dope stuff mehn!!! I'll look up that Goog4 thing. Nice one!

  5. o very nice - plus i love that song and that site is genius it yea - have a great weekend as well

  6. Is that inside the same building?!

  7. Grand masterpiece..Im certainly owning one of these in the not too distant future...Amin ase..!

    Hope you have a fab weekend!

  8. @HRI-I know right.

    @akaBagucci-Nah far from it...lets just say i have a thing for art and design :)

    @Manju: Oh nice one! You're most welcome and nice seeing you on here.

    @SugarKing: High all the time eh...nothing do you,lol.Good lookin' out bro.

    @neefemi: Glad you like. Many thanks and nice weekend.

    @leggy: Thank you,and enjoy your weekend as well.

    @RocNaija: Been ages mehn,whereabouts have you been? And yes that is inside the same building..

    @TRYBES: I'll drink to that. Cheers!


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