Saturday, December 12, 2009

Just Drifting

Quote of the day:

As if you could kill time without injuring eternity.
-Henry David Thoreau some point everything.
Seems not to make much sense anymore.
No one to talk to or reason with.
Sit on the fence. Contemplating....

Do i go.....
And if i stay.

Will tomorrow really usher in a new day.
Or shall it be the same as yesterday's?

Drift away....
Keep awake or sleep....close your eyes. Be calm.
I'll be fine once i get away.

If i get away.

Current Listen: Kid Cudi-Pursuit Of Happiness



  1. is this from a high perspective? definitely reminds me of that Cudi song which i love. have you seen the video?

  2. Sometimes tomorrow brings a better day sometimes not. In anycase we just keep going hoping that a brighter is still ahead somewhere out there

  3. I hope your not really "drifting"........

  4. @bonnie: lol@high perspective...
    yea i saw that video recently,not bad uhn!

    @Nice Anon: Hi ya...all very well said.

    @Harry-Rami Itie: Many thanks bro.

    @My World: Maybe yes...maybe no :)

  5. @Ms. 'dufa: Thanks for stopping by...

  6. tomorrow..sometimes it engulfs my thoughts,sometimes i just shake it off.

    i love the quote -as usual

  7. @histreasure-thank you so much for that...


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