Wednesday, December 09, 2009

One Last Day

Quote of the day:

Ten thousand fools proclaim themselves into obscurity, while one wise man forgets himself into immortality.
-Martin Luther King Jr.

If i had only one day.
Left on this earth.

I would take a long walk.
No short-cuts to make it worthwhile.

I would take time to admire things.
Some i never really noticed.

And remember random stuff.
Like the reflection of the sun in your eyes.

I would watch the waves at sea.
Cover myself with sand up to my knee.

I would watch the sun until it fades.
Until there's nothing left to see.

Just the stars up in the skies.
Spelling out your name with goodbyes.

Current Listen: R.Kelly- One Day On This Earth



  1. Superb!
    Love the quote...the poem is so touching and sounds so genuine!

  2. Lovely poem.
    If i had a day left hmmm . . . *Smiles*

  3. upoem just made my day. deep and true.

  4. i reckon, i would do the same - love it

  5. @My World: Glad you like :)

    @sunnyside:Many thanks.

    @Fragilelooks:Really? Appreciate that.

    @neefemi: Aww thank you for that.

  6. if today was my last day i would have love reading this poem kudos!!!

  7. Ahhhh, this is sweet Blogoratti...

  8. i so love the poem..deep reflections!!

  9. *SIGH*
    If I had one day....

    ..actually I think I would kill somebody sha...
    #justsaying. lol


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