Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What Goes Around

Quote of the day:
All that really belongs to us is time; even he who has nothing else has that.
- Baltasar Gracian

What goes around comes around...a boomerang released always returns back. No!??

I guess that's what they meant about love...
Letting go and hoping it would come back....if it was ever meant to be.

How could anyone ever let something they love go...
What if it never comes back to you..?

What if you made a mistake...you miscalculated. You gave up too easily...didn't even put up a fight.

What goes around comes around...
What goes up must come down...

I switch sides...like the hands of clock.
And like a bird in flight i glide...
Like a revolving door i slide....

What goes around comes around....

Like a merry go round..
Like a return flight...
Like the sun and the moon...oh what a sight.

Today...a shout to the heavens.
Tomorrow...a silent echoe to our souls.

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  1. Aren't u supposed to be asleep? hehehe...what goes around sure does come around and with regards to love, sometimes it's the right thing at the wrong time hence the letting go....

  2. u just never know - its why u give everything a 100% that way there are no regrets

  3. so many questions, not enough answers.

  4. There's letting go and there's letting go; we seldom truly let go(esp with real love) but sometimes letting go is truly the best thing to do - for the sake of said love. Another lovely poem mister.

  5. ummm na so,what goes around comes around

  6. this one definately got me thinking.......

  7. I dont think letting go means completely letting go. . i think its more of giving d person some air! And mostly all relationship need that. . Nice poem

  8. @Tbabe: Hehe. Right thing at the wrong time...hnnnm,have to think deep about that.

    @neefemi:100% is way too high :)

    @TM: I know right.

    @48: Hi ya,feel you on that. Hey nice seeing you on here.

    @muyiwa: True...true.

    @My World: It did? Nice!!

    @sunnyside: Air sounds good,breathe in and out..

    @Repressed One: lol.

  9. Often we know we need to let go but letting go can be so hard

  10. Nice one, really like the last lines.

    Today...a shout to the heavens.
    Tomorrow...a silent echoe to our souls

    It just stirs something in my own soul.

  11. If you love something let it go ko? Hang on for dear life and if it is meant to be it will be. If not THEN let it go.
    The answers we seek are in the future. Only if I can look into it

  12. lmao!!! i'm with Nice anon... if you love something Don't let it go until you're sure that it isnt meant to be...that way when it goes, u know it's NOT coming back....

    Later luv!!

  13. well if love's meant to be usually it'll come back to you. but there are always exceptions though, i think...


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