Monday, December 14, 2009

Why You Should Start A Blog

Quote of the day:

You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club.
-Jack London

Why Blog?

Each day thousands of blogs get created.

I began blogging precisely on the 17th of last year.....
And when i think about it all seems so distant. A vagueness in the midst of shadows.
Seems so far away-but at the same time yet near.

But a lot can happen in under a year....

This blog is living proof.
I was already used to writing way before i started blogging...i guess in a way that helped me in the long run.

A lot can happen in a day....a week. A month.
A lot has happened in 365 days.

I took everything with me on this journey.
But then i wonder if this path is about to change.
Dec 17..One Year Of Blogging.

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  1. Congrats for the anniversary dude.. Being doing a lot of thinking too on the whhhhhy.....

  2. Happy blog anniversary....change to what? if I may ask :)

  3. Happy Anniversary! Looks like you have been here forever! Merry Xmas too!

  4. bon es tu brutus? lol

  5. happy anniversary!!
    if the change ur talking bout is leaving blogville..
    dont go.. :(

  6. what change o? it better be a good change - love d quote

  7. keep blogging dude...happy anniversary...

  8. yeah keep on Blogging man,its a way of life itself

  9. Happy anniversary, I enjoy your poems. Whatever you decide, keep doing you. happy holidays.

  10. Happy anniversary Blogo!
    We await your decision but you already know what we think right?
    Happy holidays.......

  11. @everyone: Oooh...feels good.
    Thanks so much for the luv guys!!

  12. congrats. dont leave o. its always nice coming here

  13. i love your blog.happy blog anniversary.

  14. @omotee: Appreciate that. Much luv.

    @leggy: Thank you...far too kind :)


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