Friday, January 15, 2010


Quote of the day:

Life is a song worth singing.
-Teddy Pendergrass

Hey hey folks.
Ahem, I know i wasn't missed so let's not even go there...
And oh for those on twitter,we'll keep doing our thing. Shame on you if you are not on twitter :)

I hope y'all are doing great at the moment though.
Much love.

Just a little post to say R.I.P Teddy Pendergrass.

Current Listen: Jeff Buckley-Halleujah



  1. Nice to have you back Blogo and of course we missed you, LOL. I'm good and that short clip has made me even better...very funny.

  2. Okay,is this a stunt or a really comebck.....
    Your post was so you as always,and yea,I missed your post ;-)

  3. Dude..where u been???lol

    welcome back

  4. Ehen! shame on me for not being on twitter??? no be ya fault lol
    Howz it going with ya? just maybe, maybe u've been missed haha!

  5. good to have you back.
    lol.....that clip was funny.

  6. Who says you weren't missed? Hmmph!

  7. cos i missed u it's twitter that took u away from us? eh.. welcome back and don't be going anywhere soon..hope

  8. I don't think I have you on my Twitter...and yes I just clicked on your Twitter to follow you! :)

  9. we missed you nah... do you think we have been keeping up to date with our weekly plans with your absence? eh hen.. I hope your holiday is over oh...I wait for posts this week :-)

    Hope you've been good... much love

  10. twittter,twitter,i am not ready now,anyway how u dey

  11. me i missed u sha - and RIP Teddy Pendergrass

  12. Heyy..hope you're doing great as well :)

    LOL at the clip..sigh

  13. Why shouldn't we go there? LOL.

    This video is hilarious. Cheers to the passport!

  14. LOL @ shaming those who are not on twitter. You were missed but thanks to twitter the Mars-Dimps duo is still live. Rock on Mars. And yeah I saw this video and laughed to death!...


  15. Hey good looking out people. Missed you all too..

    Hi ya dimps...see you around,wink*

  16. Hey bro. How's the year looking so far? On the twitter thing, i just can't seem to get ma groove on. FB does it for me. Shame on me, right? lol.

  17. @Geebee, Yes a big shame really :)
    I still got luv for u nevertheless,wink*

  18. yes this was very funny! lol. i cant really say welcome back since i was away too.

  19. ROTFLMAO!!!!!

    kai! We need to change the status and view of our country externally though. Its sad but this green passport seems to be the beginnnin of a problem most times at the airport. security stops smilin wit me wen they see my green passport. kai!


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