Monday, January 25, 2010

Fish In A Pond

Quote of the day:
Turn your gaze inward.
Correct yourself and your world will change.
-Kristin Zambucka

I fished in a pond.
I had been told no fishes existed.

I was hopeful.
I was patient.
I had time.

I waited for hours.
I waited for minutes.
Alas i finally made a catch.

As beautiful as the rainbows....
They said no fish existed here.
I could finally prove otherwise.
To keep it would be wise.

But then...
I set it free.

Current Listen: Melani Fiona -It Kills Me



  1. Wow that was so cool. I like how you said hours before minutes, and you set it free!!!


  2. @Fierce: Why thank you for that,glad you like...much love.

  3. Patience is a virtue...
    but then why wait for something that isnt that important.....
    almost confused?
    hope ur week started great

  4. Wait, wait I want more. Why was she set free as opposed to keeping her?

  5. @BBB, em ever waited for something THAT is important...and when it finally arrives you follow your heart not your mind?

    @Tayne, ah my good pal. How have you been...sorry been MIA for a long spell.

  6. Yes BBB..week is looking good so far. Do have a nice one.

  7. @Blowing Blessings Your Way: Thank you very much...far too kind.

  8. but wait why would you let it free, after all that wok...i don't think i like that...hmmmppphh...but this was beautiful and the quote even better

  9. The poem following after the quote made a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I totally loved this! makes alot of sense to me right now. have a wonderful week ahead. Keep posting thought provoking stuff.

  11. Slowly but surely you shall come back in full gear 2 blogsville....

    As always,I love!!!

  12. me thinks this piece is cryptic...I like it tho...sounds like sth I would do..

  13. did that once...we live and we learn. apropos, you'll hv to teach me how to be concise...such a skill.

  14. yeah nice write up,did u think of that or how

  15. @neefemi, eh you win some, you lose some eh ;)

    @Myne Whitman, hey miss MW. Thanks for stopping by.

    @Rene, Thanks a lot.

    @Ebony~!*, thanks for loving it!!

    @My world, Ah i hope so friend..i truly hope so. Many thanks.

    @Chari, Why thank you kind sir.

    @48, Hehe, will do just that.

  16. @muyiwa, how you doing man.
    Well i just logged in to blogger to post something...and that poem just came to me-i just typed it out and hit publish. Amazing uhn!

  17. As I read, it felt like at first there were doubts, and then there was hope. And hope gave way to reality...but then the reality was released after achieved.

    I like the poem. And the quote.

  18. Patience is a virtue. but y wait for sth for so long, only to set it free???

    Seriously WHY? I do not understand the rationale behind that. Shudnt u FRAME it in silver and gold after waiting that long???

  19. at first i didnt understand. but now I do, sometimes u work so hard at something or for something but at the end to love it is to let it go. no matter how difficult it may be.


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