Thursday, February 11, 2010

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Privacy is Dead

Quote of the day:

In order to be effective truth must penetrate like an arrow--
and that is likely to hurt.
-Wei Wu Wei

Privacy is dead.
Quick show of hands: how many of you feel privacy is dead......

Our love affair with all things technological....killed it ages ago.

And today...privacy is basically zero.

Take blogging for's made us share way much more info about ourselves to hundreds, if not thousands of people online right?

And don't get me started about Facebook, twitter, and Google and the rest.
Today my friend says jokingly..."if you don't see me online or get a text message from me in a day, just know something terrible has happened to me"....yeah right was my reply.

And i am wondering yeah...privacy brings obscurity. And in today's world to stay relevant one has to be connected, and once that starts-privacy ends. If you don't share-you don't exist.

As we spend more of our lives and time online these days, privacy is becoming a thing of the past. Some would argue though-that the more we attempt to protect privacy the more we are sure to lose it.

So get used to it will ya...
Privacy is dead.

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  1. technically it isnt, just depends on u, like how much of urself are u ready to put out there? some pple dont know where to draw the line.

  2. Where to draw the line, yer some folks don't know that.
    And yes it depends on the individual-like sharing more info online means reduced privacy, and such..

  3. Your friend is just saying exactly what has happened to many of us. HOOKED on social media.

    My quote: "If we don't control it, it will control us."

  4. yea i agree. You can control it all you want but if someone really wants to dig deep they can get your info. Something as simple as paying a bill online reveals your identity.

  5. @Jaycee: True that.

    @TM: I know right.

  6. There's really no privacy. Yes you may limit what you share on social media but the truth is that with google, amazon, utility and phone company online records, there's no hiding place.

  7. Privacy is about 90% dead because no one can read our minds... well at least not yet...

  8. @MW: Feel you on hiding place.

    @Suru: I can read your mind :)

  9. I totally agree withchu...I mean pples get married via facebbok

  10. U have a point. .and it sucks!

  11. I guess it is all so surreal.You may think you exist cause you are always out there but discover that many people are too pre-occupied trying to also get noticed! I would say dont worry about it.It is reaaly an amazing learning platform which makes us realise that the world is much bigger that the minute world which we interact with on a daily basis. So keep it coming.

  12. yeah i agree partially,i still have my privacy cos i am not one the jackass that shares that love and family life on facebook,but only i cant do without my internet a day

  13. yea i def agree with Neo and then with anonymous....i'm both open and private just depends on who you ask

  14. I'm with Neo on this...

    Hackers scare me though. Nowadays I don't even store x-rated pictures or sensitive info on my laptop. I keep a back-up in my external hard drive and plug it only when I need never know...

  15. Privacy is so dead that it worries me. If u live in America and have bought a property/posted ur resume online/posted ads online etc- ur stalker can easily locate u.

  16. @Harry-Rami Itie: lolz.

    @sunnyside: I know right*

    @Anonymous: thanks for that

    @muyiwa: Most peeps can't dow without internet for a minute...

    @neefemi: I get where your are coming from..

    @P.T: Yea one never knows...but x-rated photos,hmmmm watch ur back.

    @Fabulo-la: Hehe..

    @Tigeress: Seen. So do you have a stalker :)

  17. Food for thought huh? That is crazy

  18. spot on.....thought about it this morning....i let my privacy go....hard to get back now tho.......

  19. hmm i agree privacy is dead, to a certain extent I believe in conspiracy theories such as big brother. Sure you can limit yourself the amount you reveal online but its the little things that count, filling online forms for instance.

  20. privacy is sooo sooo sooo (notice the number of so?) just google your full name and u'ld see your name, pix via facebook, and maybe friends ? if u want you privacy back, lock your pc in a box and throw it away else... u gota live with it


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