Monday, February 08, 2010

Victory of Defeat

Quote of the day:

When defeat is inevitable, it is wisest to yield.

Sometimes defeat is inevitable....

Just like an army that is on the verge of losing a war...
Outnumbered, fatigued...

An army far outnumbered by the enemy lines....
A runner falling just before the finish lines....

It is the same for us all too-when the burdens of life become too overwhelming...
Those feelings of "not being able to go any further" make another step.

When defeat is is wisest to yield. It's okay to yield to defeat!
Call it a day, and walk away.
Wave the white flag....

I would like to think that the most victorious achievers in life- have at some point seen and yielded to defeat...just a thought.

If you are can you ever become better?
You can't win all the time...just sometimes.

So i am sitting here thinking...

When defeat is inevitable...when i can't go on anymore.
It is wise I yield...
Tomorrow, defeat shall turn to victory.
No more defeats...just glory.

Current Listen: Nas Feat. Jully Black -If Heaven Was a Mile Away



  1. You have mos def givin me sumthn 2 think about...

    Tomorrow, defeat shall turn to victory...

    really amazing...

  2. Hmmmm...
    it sounds like quitting to me... why can't you give it your best till the very last step.
    I was told football teams are taught to play hard..even though they're getting slaughtered...that to me seems more dignified...


  3. You got me thinking too now!!

  4. hmm.. sometimes we have to lose a little battle for the sake of winning a bigger one further down the road i think.... or not.. real food for thought mate..

  5. I think you have to fight to the last sha. Have a great week.

  6. Yup it's ok to yield and re-group for tomorrow's victory

  7. nope, i'm goin all 300 on this one, its till the last drop!

    havent been here awhile, hope u've been good.

  8. very inspirational, i especially love the part about if you are perfect how can you get better. food for thought, my 'other' word for today

  9. are you a football person? Did you watch the game yesterday or if you even know soccer, think of my opinion its only a victory of defeat if you fought gallantly, then only can you claim guilty and even your opponent will be in standing ovation for you...curious to see what you think about this

  10. Isn't this why that scripture says, "After you've done all, stand."

    The battle is not always ours :)

  11. @Harry-Rami Itie: thank you kind sir.

    @*Diane*: When defeat is inevitable...till the very last step-one must yield at some point :)

    @P.T: Oh i did uhn..thanks yea.

    @bagucci: My thoughts too. Thanks for that.

    @MW: Fight to the last, no doubt. Thanks for dropping by*

    @48: Regroup...liking that word. How you?

    @Neo: lol@going 300...i hear you loud and clear neo-matrix?

    @Miss Natural: Thank you very much for that miss, appreciate your stopping by.

    @neefemi: My thoughts exactly on being victorious even after a defeat-means you fought well..

    @Jaycee: The battle is not always ours :)

    Thanks guys.


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